Bull Fight

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  • When: 08/15/15
  • QIC: Bull
  • The PAX: The Pax: (18) Jumanji, Bull, OTC, Heisenberg, Feud, LIFO, BigBird, Piano Man, Farah and Farah, Sleeper, Gamer, Thriller, Nike, Toxic, Band Camp, Mayberry, Eileene, Hollywood.

The following events occurred in Jacksonville, FL between the hours of 7am and 8am.  YHC has taken some liberties and has utilized his creative license when necessary.

The Thang

Bull’s VQ started simply enough.  25 or so side straddle hops.  A handful of Hillbillys.  Goofballs.  Even the split Guantanamo was received kindly with only the occasional grunt of pain being heard in the distance – almost like a train whistle.  After a quick superman/aquaman, a bottom kicker run, hip openers (“demonstration” they all yelled at once), and a few soldiers, the PAX figured this was going to be a pretty easy day with the rookie at the helm.  Little did they know the pain and anguish that would besiege them over the next 50 minutes.  One could almost see the small smile on Bull’s face as the last syllable of the next exercise left his mouth.

“Next exercise: Face the Flag!”

It took a couple of minutes to explain, but the wait was worth it.  As the title explains, all exercises were to be done while facing the flag.  First, a 25 yard Karaoke to the left.  Next, a 25 yard backward run followed by a 25 yard Karaoke back to the right.  Finally, a 25 yard sprint toward the flag with just a sprinkle of competition – one had to run in a group of three.  Bull had piqued the PAX curiosity.  “But wait – that’s not all…”, he said.  At each cone, one had to complete an exercise.  A backward lunge at the first, crabcake at the second, squat at the third, and a roll-out merkin back at the start.  As the PAX was settling this new information in their minds, Bull unleashed the final requirement “We are going to 11,” he said (Why 11?  Because it’s like 10, but it’s one more), “so each time around add one more to each exercise.”  Unsure of what really laid ahead but yet a little excited, the PAX was off and happily Karaoking.

25 minutes, a few donations and a 10 burpee train salute later, the PAX was slowed but yet ready for the next Challenge.  Fortunately, as a wise and graceful VQ, Bull called for a 10 count to give him a chance to catch his own breath.  “These guys are going to be hard to break,” he thought as they moseyed out onto the street, “but I have just the thing…”

A little slice of curb

Once everyone had staked their claim to their own piece of concrete curb heaven, the VQ let fly the next exercise: Rocky Balboa’s. In retrospect, we actually did these wrong.  We did more of a step up, step down, where a Rocky Balboa is more of an alternating toe touch.  The VQ may or may not have been a little delirious at this point and therefore did not catch the mistake.  Regardless, those were done for roughly a minute.  Next up, Mountain Climbers for another minute or so.  Finally, some jump ups for another minute.  Bull knew by the end of this series that the PAX was tired, but none had broken.

“Let’s Mosey”, he said.  And mosey they did.  For about a quarter-mile – just enough to weaken the legs before the last challenge.

Bank of the River

Alexander Oaks Park has a river that flows through its center.  While probably closer to a still water creek than a class 5 rapids, there is a gentle slope that runs from the sidewalk down to its bank.  It was here that the final challenge would begin.  The first exercise was a Bear Crawl from the bank to the sidewalk (roughly 18 yards) followed by 4 squats.  Next, a Boo Boo Bear Crawl covering the same ground with 6 squats at the end.  Then, as the saying goes, things got interesting.  The PAX was then asked to complete a Crawl Bear up the slope topped with 8 squats.  Finally, as you may have guessed, a Boo Boo Crawl Bear followed by 10 squats.

Bull thought he had them at this point.

Bull thought they would break.

Bull thought surely a Boo Boo Crawl Bear up a slope through some of the meanest ants one has ever seen would be enough to break them.

Bull was wrong.

These F3 men went right up that hill.  Backwards.  On two hands and one foot.  And then they did 10 squats.

The morale of the story…F3 men don’t break.

Note: Just to make sure, Bull had everyone do little baby arm circles to failure, but time ran out and the PAX definitely came out ahead….this time…(insert evil laughter)

Naked Mole Skin

YHC really enjoyed the VQ.  Hopefully Bull inspired some others to give Q’ing a try.



August 22nd is going to be our first F3 Dad’s day. Bring your kids, nieces and nephews, grandkids, or even some kids you pick up on the side of the road. Looking for volunteers to take part of the Q for that workout.

A few of us will be running the Jacksonville Beach Run on the 22nd as well! Come out and join us for something CSAUP! We will be repping our new F3 Jax shirts and hopefully EH some new SadClowns into joining us.

August 31st will be our first Monday workout at our new AO 9A/Baymeadows Regional Park. Heisenberg will be the plant Q. Come join our Jax Expansion.

Please hold up Barker and his M. Their son Ezekiel Promise Boothe was born Monday August 10th. He fought for about 10 minutes then went to be with the Lord. God has a plan in this and my hope is that we can band together as brothers and be the support that Barker needs when he needs us. Thunder Claps to Eileen for sending flowers to the family from all of us.

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