Spartan Tough

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YHC and many of the PAX have put some $$ down for some upcoming obstacle course races, so we might as well prep for them.  Contrary to the misguided accusations that YHC was planning Kessel w/os to increase attendance, the goal is always the same… plan something that keeps us moving and pushes our cardio […]

Princess Tea Party Fun

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On this auspicious morning, Xenu and Drone conspired to throw the most grand, the most festive, the most flowery, and the most utterly eviscerating princess party the Jax Pax have ever seen. 18 pax posted, teddy bears in hand, for the occasion. Warmup: 64 x SSH – The signature Xenu opener in honor of Barbie, […]

Vanquishing the Beast

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After taking some serious punishment from Feud at Anchor and SeatDown at Kessel, YHC’s legs were pleading for a break, which means… arms and chest smokefest!  Too soon for another blockified beatdown?  Methinks not!  20 members of Fartsackus Conquerus species showed out for the occasion. Conditions: Typical FL gloomidity with a dash of pre-autumn Warmup: 40 […]

I thought Kessel was a RUNNING workout!

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YHC felt like testing fate by visiting Stagecoach with five Kessel pax for an upper body funfest.  Fortunately, the parking garage gods smiled on us, and we went two full circuits with no interruptions.  We also didn’t have to swim through the streets, which would have been the case on both banks of the river […]

Anchor 8-26-17

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Welcome and Disclosure… Then – F3 is a men’s workout group, with themission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our workouts: Are free of charge Are open to all men Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold Are led by men who participate in […]

Anchor 7-22-17

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It had been awhile since YHC had Qd on a Saturday so I kept it simple, but not too simple that I could lose my rep for leading semi-annoyingly creative workouts.   Welcome and Disclaimer:   Circle of Pain LBAirm Circles Forward, Backwards / Big Arm Circles Forward, Backwards – 20 Tempo Squats – 10 […]