The Sucky Horseshoe

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Gentlemen, and Jumanji. Well, its been a long time since we visited the “shoe.”  This isn’t the same version but then again, we’re not the same either. Conditions: Sucky Jumanji’s attitude: Pretty Good Beatdown: Sucky Warm-o-Rama The Thang Sucky Horseshoe All exercises x25 adding a new one after each round. The round is complete after […]

I Can’t Stand-Sally

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VQ-Pusher   ————————————   “I Can’t STAND – Sally “ Warm up 1.Side straddle hop x20 2.little baby Arm circles forward and backward x15 3.The reacher x12 4.Don Quixote x13 5.Imperial walker x16 Station 1 Music “Can’t stand losing you” by Sting burpees during chorus (total =26) Jog in place / high knees / butt […]

4 Corners Reboot

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17 PAX posted at the newly designated #BOONDOCKs for some Heisenberg “fun.”  (Your can thank your friend Twister for the ramp up in intensity) Conditions: Moist PAX: Salty Warm-o-rama All IC x15 Seal Jacks, (really had some coordination fun with this one) Don Quixote fast then slow Hillbillies Goofball Big AC forward Little AC backward […]

High Quality VQ

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Today’s beatdown was brought to you by our own Boucher w/ his VQ that didn’t disappoint. 8 witty/sarcastic PAX joined the fray and contributed to this hot mess of fun. Lots of chatter about raw glass and lip climbers. #had2bethere Conditions: Moist Mumblechatter Level: Toxic Warm-o-Rama All IC x10 SSH’s LBAC f/b Chinooks Merkins After […]

Nordic Challenge-FL Edition

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Warm-o-rama All IC x15 Michael Phelps Reachers Chinooks Jester was late so 10 Burpees   The Thang YHC introduced the Challenge from Greensboro and without a track “guesstimated” the 400 meter lap.  Woefully under as FnF pointed out. We were going for the record but realized it would not be official. Perform said workout AFAYC. […]

Carry Me Please!

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12 PAX posted for a BOHICA beatdown.  YHC sent out a roll call and might have scared off a few. Conditions: Perf Core Value of the Month? Glad you asked! Next Man IN/UP! Based on Romans 15:1 Now we that are strong, we have the duty to bear the weaknesses of others and not seek […]

Will Work 4…

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What are you working for? Or Better Yet, Whom? Monday Gloom: Threat of rain, cold temperature, and a beatdown didn’t deter 3 PAX from posting. Obviously they wanted to put in the work and not be outdone by a 61 yr old genius. (Toxic) Warm-o-Rama All IC x20 Michael Phelps SSH Don Quixote Reacher Hillbillies […]

Uno Mas

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19 PAX gathered at ANCHOR to get better and to meet the famous Aquaman and his neighbor (FNG Bearded Lady). Today’s Beatdown is brought to you by UNO. Welcome Schwing as well! Warm-o-Rama All IC x20 Michael Phelps Goofball Hillbillies BAC f/b RTR Cherry Pickers Morocan Night Club Don Quixote The Thang: Today is all […]