The Stall

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In the heaviness of the gloom this morning, YHC ventured out to see if the Badlands crew could withstand an upper body workout. 10 PAX ventured out with YHC correspondent to see what it was all about. That being said YHC was just a little off the whole morning…the PAX did not seem to mind. […]

TEAM work

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16 PAX showed up in the gloom of another balmy fall day…Without wasting much time YHC skipped the pleasantries and at 5:30 went right into the warm-up… WARM UP SSH – Side Straddle Hop – 12 Don Quixote – Windmill – 12 Peter Parkers – 12 Hillbillies – 12 Moroccan Night Club – 12 Chinnooks […]

What is our freedom for?

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YHC came in hot to check out the football field to make sure it was nice as cozy for the PAX.  15 PAX and 1 FNG resisted the Jaguars hangover fartsack and showed up in the thick humid fall weather we call Badlands. McDreamy obliged with the icosahedron and flag so at the appointed time […]

Sheep or Goat??

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YHC drove through the gloom on a surprisingly coolish day (it was a perception since the sun was not up yet…) to find seven anxious??? PAX who overcame the pull of the 4th of July hangover fartsack to post. Since Pom Pom and I had a tie agreeing to Q today (btw men, plenty of […]

Be Encouraged

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13 PAX fought against the end of the week pull to fartsack and enjoy a beat down at beautiful Badlands!  YHC sporting a lame wing, implored the PAX to modify whenever they needed to but not to quit! Warm-O-Rama SSH – IC – 15 Don Quixote – IC (kind of)-15 10 burpees for Bouchey…someone buy […]


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After many a night of Spartan obstacle nightmares and lost sleep due to the anxiety of climbing up a darn rope, YHC decided (albeit late in the process) to help himself and everyone with the obstacles in their life. Warm Up PAX was requested to YELL “Halt” at the end of each warm up exercise […]

Spartan Teaser

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YHC arrived just ahead of Squeege to plant the flag and stretch out.  It looked as if PAX was already spent when they arrived but it was Monday in the gloom so we decide to get started anyway. Spartan Teaser Warm-o-rama 15 – SSH 15 – Michael Phelps 15 – Chinooks 15 – Hillbillies 15 […]

Thanksgiving Past

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Suffering from Thanksgiving food coma and seasacking in the ocean for a week, I have been shamefully guilted into posting this Backblast (all that to say I am a hopeless procrastinator).  I have committed however to improve and since there is some sort of poll going around, I want to see who’s on my side […]