Nocatee Welcomes F3!

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What a great day for Nocatee! 10 PAX fought the pull of the Fartsack and make a decision to get better at a new AO.  We had a great mix of F3 vets, some FNGs and even a lost brother who returned home.(Here’s to you Mr. Belding) Conditions : Dark, moist, and weird. The new […]

Schweatty Balls Part Deux

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20 Male species arrived with eye boogers not knowing what to expect when YHC has a laundry basket, frisbee, and a brown bag of balls. Conditions: Moist Warm-o-Rama All IC x15 Mummy Run Reachers Don Quixote slowed down Annies LBAC f/b Chinooks The Thang We broke up into 5 groups of 4 plus YHC and […]

Brick Buddie Form Camp

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YHC thought it would be a good idea to revisit some basics on our form and why it is so important.  Also, justifying my “Form Nazi” title might have come into play as well. Conditions: Almost chilly like Jumanji, Dark like Pyro’s well quaffed dome. Warmorama IC x15 Seal Jacks Reachers Hillbillies Wonderbra Chinnooks LBAC […]

Failure isn’t really Failure

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So the afterglow of celebrating Mom was quickly squelched when the dreaded dream killer sounded and reminded me it was Monday.  Couple that harsh reality with the residual effects of an Indian buffet and you have a perfect receipe for #Genesis! (I was actually in a good mood as a lost sheep returned from Ireland […]

Burpees Bonanza

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17 and a Feud posted for a glorious morning of fun in our new digs, MEMORIAL PARK. Something strange was in the air as the PAX had donned their winter gear for the gloom activities. (In other words, Disco had on his long Johns) Conditions: 55 degrees of Awesomeness Toxic- In full effect FNG was […]

Solo Cup Suicides

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6 PAX said Yes to getting better even thought the pull of the Fartsack is at its peak on a Monday morning. They knew something was odd when the YHC was directing traffic away from the freshly placed Red Solo Cup Cones in the lot. Conitions: Perf Attiudes: Suprisingly positive (2 fingers to you Jumanji, […]

Hard Work>Luck

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11 PAX braved the Florida winter to get better this morning.  We revisited the crowd favorite “Lucky Horseshoe” just to see how far we have come.  Missing lots of F3 faithful but we pressed on because it’s, well, Thursday Conditions: Nipply 50ish =Perf Warm Up All IC x15 Mummy Runs Chinooks Backwards AC Don Quixotes […]

“Just like Ragu sauce”

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When you have the likes of Toxic in your midst, you are always in for a treat.  He was in his normal form (sans bathrobe) this morning and named the Beatdown.  To understand the reason, you’ll just have to read the whole BB. Conditions: Perfect 50 degrees The Thang We started the week off trying […]

The Extra Mile

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Being a HIM requires more than just being strong for you, but to help others in their times of need.  We are called to live for something/someone other than ourselves. As our motto states, “Get Better” is not just lip service.  To put this to the test, we revisited this beatdown from a year ago, […]

LIFO’s Lost Workout

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3 PAX joined me at #GENESIS to finish what we started before our faithful brother 86’d with a trip to the ER. Explaination: 2 weeks ago, our brother LIFO had a near death experience with YHC during a beatdown.  We’ve had all kinds of Merlot Splashing but never a mini-heart attack that wasn’t induced by […]