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11 Jax Pax avoided the fartsack to post in the 1000000% gloomidity at ANTHILL. Welcome & Disclaimer Partner up for a warm-up mosey around the library. Learn 3 things about your partner (family, kids, work, hobbies, etc) Circle up on the field COP: Mountain Climbers IC x 15 SSH IC x 15 Tempo Merkin IC […]

Veterans Day MURPH

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19 Jax Pax posted for a convergence Veterans Day MURPH at our GENESIS location. Thank you for the brave men and women who have served and who currently serve. They have volunteered to put their lives on the line for a set of beliefs that allow others to enjoy freedom which many take for granted. […]

Check Your Gauges!!!

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24 Jax Pax showed up in the gloom for a Pyro Beatdown. I think most of them were really more interested in how our AO at Memorial Park fared through Hurricane Irma. Also about 14 Pax doubling-down with a Pre-Anchor Dolly Ruck or Run. Conditions: dry and surprising not soggy, but that soon changed with […]

No One Hit Wonders Here …

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15 Jax Pax avoided the Fartsack to join YHC for BOHICA. Looking back at some of YHC’s past Q’s … this morning was going to be a Pyro’s “Greatest Hits” of sorts. No need to grab your Rubik’s Cube or your parachute pants, it’s only been almost 1-year. Conditions: near perfect … thankfully no Florida […]


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14 Pax braved this cool morning for a Pyro beatdown. Lots of good banter as guys showed up. Welcome back LIFO and Burmese Python! Mosey to the field for disclaimer and warm up. COP: Mumble Chatter was quickly subdued with a 10 burpee late penalty courtesy of Hollywood. The Pax thanks you! *Smurf Jacks IC […]