Moistly Humid

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Kessel Run We had an FNG this morning, Diamond Cutter (Jared Clark), he found us on the web. Pud and Fued took him under their wings and went on a tour of the Main Street bridge, meanwhile Snuffy, Dr. Okie and Rain Man took off in a gallop down the river walk to the raping […]

Called out

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Disclaimer Warm up: SSH 15 I/C Arm circle F 15 I/C Arm circle B 15 I/C Reacher 15 I/C Squat 10 I/C The Thang It had been a while since Snuffy had taken a turn as the Q, so Bing couldn’t make it out and called Snuffy out. Being old and grumpy I planned something […]

Two Bridges Road

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5 old and ornery Pax came out in the gloom to conquer two of Jacksonville bridges this morning. We went out at a brisk pace over the Acosta Bridge then down and in front of the Jax. Landing made the right turn and headed up the Main Street Bridge then down and went up the […]


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5 Pax met at Friendship Fountain for TACMO, heading around the fountain we hit the Main Street Bridge as we toped the bridge we met up with the changing of the bridge operators and exchanged some good mornings, while wondering how boring that job is sitting on top of a draw bridge all night waiting […]

Rucking Wednesday

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Four Pax met up and Friendship Fountain this morning for a trip to Stage coach. We headed out a couple of minutes off schedule and conquered the beautiful Blue Beast that leads into downtown. Once at Stage Coach we proceeded to do some stair work, on level 2 we did lunges across the parking lot, level […]

In The Fog

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The gloom started with a fairly clear sky as 3 Pax doned their coupons for a Snuffy special. As the morning came on the the creepy fog rolled in. We worked thru each set as the Kessel Run man kept running past and taunting us, I think they were just jealous of the exquisite body’s […]