…then there was a water obstacle…

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Know what a herd of rhinos are called? A “crash.” A charging rhino can only see 30ft ahead of it. That summed up Boondocks. 13 charging rhinos posted at Boondocks for the spring Rhino Challenge: Heisenberg, Feud, Bing, Butcherg , Extinguisher, Auqaman, FarahandFarah, Culpepper, Eileenb, Glass, FixIt, Traff, and Twister. “Bring a change of clothes,” […]

24 FNGs [see pics]

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30 PAX posted at UNF as the ROTC Cadet Corps collaborated with F3 for a spiritual fitness event/beatdown. Co-Qs: Bing, Pud, Pyro, Seatdown, Twister, and Updraft. FNGs turned F3 PAX: Pathfinder, Busted, BeepBeep, Assume the Position, Blindspot, Undercover, Roker, Frequent, Sporky, Dare, Wipeout, Commando, Po, Grunt, Snowcone, Mr Smooth, Treadmark, FreeBall, Hackjob, Taken, Ambien, Boombastic, […]

Sandbags, Rain & Laughs

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Boondocks Backblast FEB23 “Dirty Half Dozen” posted: Butcher, Extinguisher, Ping, FarrahandFarrah, Pyro, and Twister. We made a new trail for Julington Creek. The beatdown is as follows: COT – Thought for the day from “Discipline Equals Freedom” Every ‘circle’ indicates a beatdown pitstop.

Pick Your Pain (or Sandbag) – see the pic

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“Pain is the threshold of a meaningful life.” ~Erwin McManus. We all face it. It’s never pretty, prestigious, or preventable. Pain disarms us of our vanity and pretense. Pain reveals. 6 HIMs posted in the damp gloom at Fort Family Park off 295 & Baymeadows: Heisenberg, Toxic, Bing, Farrah&Farrah, Suez, and Twister (Q). The simple beatdown: […]

“Move and Cover” – Boondocks Backblast 01SEP

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[see pic] “Move and Cover is the most important tactic, if not the only tactic.” Jocko 11 PAX posted to sunny Labor Day weekend Boondocks: Malfunction Farrah&Farrah, Fixit, Airbags, Gravy, Butcher, Feud, Flenderson (“NOOOO”), Blackout, Twister and two new PAX – Backflip and Stonehands. To herald in the fall sports season, we “celebrated” with 30min […]

“I Have a Dream” MLK Speech 55anniv – Backblast 28AUG

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[see pic] I should be embarrassed. This is how you lose Q privileges. Better late than never?… #HowManyBurpeesIsThis 17 PAX on a sultry morning: Seatdown, Jumanji, Twinsie, LIFO, Pyro, Synapse, SOD, Dial-Up, Eileen, Pud, Big Bird, Feud, Heisenberg, Farrah&Farrah, Updraft, Bing, Twister. After a more-than-adequate warm-up, we practiced our grammar lessons by spelling “I have […]

The “SIX” – Badlands 10OCT

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[see pic] What follows is the only remaining evidence that this morning ever happened…  #Weinke #DualPurpose #BackBlast The theme for the morning was “The SIX.” This included numerous wagon wheel maneuvers as we mosey’d across Badlands AO. Never leave a PAX behind. We learned about the importance of the “Six” in a number of contexts […]