“Move and Cover” – Boondocks Backblast 01SEP

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[see pic] “Move and Cover is the most important tactic, if not the only tactic.” Jocko 11 PAX posted to sunny Labor Day weekend Boondocks: Malfunction Farrah&Farrah, Fixit, Airbags, Gravy, Butcher, Feud, Flenderson (“NOOOO”), Blackout, Twister and two new PAX – Backflip and Stonehands. To herald in the fall sports season, we “celebrated” with 30min […]

“I Have a Dream” MLK Speech 55anniv – Backblast 28AUG

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[see pic] I should be embarrassed. This is how you lose Q privileges. Better late than never?… #HowManyBurpeesIsThis 17 PAX on a sultry morning: Seatdown, Jumanji, Twinsie, LIFO, Pyro, Synapse, SOD, Dial-Up, Eileen, Pud, Big Bird, Feud, Heisenberg, Farrah&Farrah, Updraft, Bing, Twister. After a more-than-adequate warm-up, we practiced our grammar lessons by spelling “I have […]

The “SIX” – Badlands 10OCT

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[see pic] What follows is the only remaining evidence that this morning ever happened…  #Weinke #DualPurpose #BackBlast The theme for the morning was “The SIX.” This included numerous wagon wheel maneuvers as we mosey’d across Badlands AO. Never leave a PAX behind. We learned about the importance of the “Six” in a number of contexts […]

Poseidon meet Ground-n-Pound

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When: 03/24/2018 Q: Twister The PAX: 18 – McDreamy (respect), Outhouse (respect), Shock Treatment (FNG), Check Please, Franks-n-Beans, Yard Sale, Zamboni (respect), Malware, Jumanji, Headlines, Bada Bing…and 6 players to be named later. 60 minutes and we still ran out of time. Twister submits Weinke as Exhibit A. #ThatSoundsBad #SeePic #ThatSoundsWorse We missed the last scheduled set of […]

Lightening Drill Owes Us 5 Minutes

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When: 03/19/2018 Q: Twister The PAX: Farrah and Farrah, Toxic, Heisenberg, Jumanji The gloom felt like 0430 rather than 0530. The time change and the rain made the sandbags feel especially….(fill in the blank). Lightening at 0610 cut the gloom short. Standing in an open field didn’t seem like a rational choice after three bolts overhead. #LifeChoices #RainCheck […]