Howling Monkeys!?!?!?

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Skkkkiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm, you out there brother????? Biscuit, slash you out there brothers???? Thank god we didn’t lose anyone today, all showed back up at COT and made the Q very happy. Two things made this a successful Q for me today. One, I didn’t lose anybody (not a good thing), and two when we were running […]

What is our freedom for?

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YHC came in hot to check out the football field to make sure it was nice as cozy for the PAX.  15 PAX and 1 FNG resisted the Jaguars hangover fartsack and showed up in the thick humid fall weather we call Badlands. McDreamy obliged with the icosahedron and flag so at the appointed time […]

Let’s Go on a Journey!

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When was the last time you did something for the FIRST time? Well the 10 PAX who joined QIC on a humid Tuesday morning would be able to answer that question……….TODAY! Warmups, complimented by Darius Rucker (For the First Time) & Foreigner. (Feels Like the First Time) *Michael Phelps/Moroccan Nightclubs (15) *Lunges, left and right. […]


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2 PAX traveled down from S.C. to join us Poseidoners in the Gloom.  Welcome Wapner and Hot Wire.  May Florence wreak no havoc on your lives! This one’s for you Seinfeld. DELAY MECHANISM Mosey lap w/ instructions on exercises SSH Iron Mikes Merkins Reacher 50 LBC’s OYO THE THANGGGGGGG HITME (3 Rounds timed no rest […]

Running to a Crisis

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YHC arrived to the Badlands in a somber mood on the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  Behind the stats are lives and stories of heroism in the face of great danger and adversity.  2996 died that day including more than 400 officers and law enforcement.  Over 6000 injured, many permanently.   YHC asked the following […]

Own Every Rep

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YHC got off to a great start this am as he showed up to Davis Park with two right handed gloves. But I shook off that devastating event, and I believe fun was had by all. Well maybe not after the convergence, beep test, and Seinfelds broga beat down. 17 men showed up to participate […]

Ragnar Baseball Fun

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11 PAX braved the gloomidity and a little rain for some Ragnar Baseball Fun. YHC learned of this from Cadre Ragnar of Go Ruck during a Go Ruck Light a few weeks ago. YHC thought it would make foe a good workout so here it is. Diclaimer made, no new PAX. YHC asked all who […]