I bet 20

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11 strong showed up in the foggy, rainy badlands determined to get better. Mumblechatter was about the previous days beat down soreness. Warmup: sidestraddle hops, little baby arm circles forward/backwards, michael phelps, hillbillies, prisoner squats mosey to parking lot Thang: 20 lateral burpee jumps over cinder block to…. 100 hand release pushup 100 goblet squat […]

In The Fog

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The gloom started with a fairly clear sky as 3 Pax doned their coupons for a Snuffy special. As the morning came on the the creepy fog rolled in. We worked thru each set as the Kessel Run man kept running past and taunting us, I think they were just jealous of the exquisite body’s […]

Got Elephant?

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AYC left the house in a foggy obstacle course of recycling bins, bikers, parked cars and wild hogs (couldn’t see the front of my truck it was so foggy).  I’ll take Fog over 20s any day, felt good this fine am. Finally arrived at Davis Park after a 3 mile 20min drive, AYC officially now […]

Frozen Fun With Bricks

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Warm-Up / COP: 27 degrees but feels like –27 degrees to the Q. Lots of mumblechatter while gathering. Oh, how the Northern F3 Pax must laugh at us Floridians. Circle up in the parking lot. YHC explained that he is clearly not a professional, and having proven this many times, was hell bent on proving […]

Fast Times at Football High

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JAGS 45 steelers 42 YHC decided to implement a little football drilling into a small but loyal Badlands PAX.  Prior to the rendezvous, YHC asked all who have sandbags to bring them.  Upon arrival, the PAX executed logistical delivery of said sandbags flawlessly; channeling Beach Bar Bortles confident delivery of the pigskin to various Jaguars […]

The Exciting Adventures of the Block

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When: 1/13/2018 QIC: Snuffy and Flounder The PAX: PUD (he likes buttuh), Thoat Swab, Fued, Synapse (respect), Toxic (double respect), Septum, Snuffy (respect), Farah and Farah (double respect), Nair, D-Nice, Drone, Ratchet (double respect), Bigbird, Dr. Okie, Boucher (respect), Lifo, Pyro, Xenu (respect), Machiato (spelling?), Flounder (YHC) On a chilly, overcast morning, 20 PAX converged […]

Tunnel of Football?

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It was a bit nipply this am with 4 PAX arriving for a Dollly before the beatdown. 14 brave PAX decided they were stronger than the fartsack tractor beam and posted for a fun beatdown. Discipline for the month, “We are prepared for the shit to come” meaning we work hard, train hard, to prepare […]

Flight BL0530

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Oh what a beautiful 61 degree morning.  16 men decided to be better themselves and dragged their six’s to Davis Park for an early morning flight. Most found the trip quite normal while other’s (Pom Pom) found it to be a bit more adventurous.  Yep, Bambi found the front end of his vehicle and there […]