In The Fog

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The gloom started with a fairly clear sky as 3 Pax doned their coupons for a Snuffy special. As the morning came on the the creepy fog rolled in. We worked thru each set as the Kessel Run man kept running past and taunting us, I think they were just jealous of the exquisite body’s […]

Spartan Tough 3 – KesselRun 2017.12.04

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Spartan Tough 3 – KesselRun 2017.12.04 Keeping December’s Core Value in mind, “We are disciplined, intentional, and gritty during the never ending work to get better, not relying on the fickle emotion of motivation”, YHC set up a boring, grueling beatdown today. With our next OCR coming up in 2 weeks, it seemed like a […]

The 210 Workout: A Bridge Nearly Too Far

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No better way to start the weekend than with a Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless workout on a Saturday morning.  Thirteen indefatigable Badlanders and two of our brothers from Jacksonville showed up at 7:00 am for the inaugural 210 Workout, which consisted of a nice sunrise stroll on the State Road 210 Intracoastal Bridge and […]

Parking Garages?

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25 Pax (new record?) join in the gloom for a cardio beat down Conditions: Slightly nipply Toxic: major confusion Heisenberg: I’d assume light flatulence   1. Mosey to parking garages A. Up stairs and group up B. Run long ways and go up and down stairs C. Do monkey humpers for 6 D. Broad jump […]

GrowRuck 01 Schedule & Update

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In a few weeks, you and 30 other guys will take part in a grand experiment we’re calling GrowRuck. As you know, the idea is to fuse a workshop called GrowSchool with a lot of 2ndF and a GORUCK Challenge. If it works, we’ll use this weekend as a template to help developing regions accelerate […]