Past Events

Fellowship (2nd F) & CSAUP

F3 Mud Run 2017

May 2017

Two four-man teams represented Jacksonville at F3's signature event held in Gaston, SC


November 2016

In partnership with GoRuck (based in Jax Beach), F3 Jacksonville served as the beta test group for the first F3 GrowRuck leadership training and endurance event

Gate River Run 2017

March 2017

The Jax Pax participated in the largest 15K race in the nation and conquered the Green Monster

F3 Mud Run 2016

In May 2016, the Jax Pax sent five delegates to Gaston, SC for the annual "Super Bowl of F3," the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run.

Pictured are Jumanji, Drone, Big Bird, Disco, and OTC

Faith (3rd F) & Service Opportunities

Trinity Rescue Mission

On the first Friday of every month, a group of F3 volunteers serves breakfast to the homeless and recovery program participants at Trinity Rescue Mission in downtown Jacksonville.

Convergence and 2.0 Days

2017 Labor Day Convergence and 2.0 Day

For Labor Day 2017, the Jax Pax held a convergence consisting of the groups from Badlands, Venice Beach, Kessel Run and Genesis. Since we did not have one this summer, some of us took the opportunity to bring our kids and combine this convergence with a 2.o Day.