Cones Galore

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11 PAX showed up on a very humid, but not terribly hot day and noticed cones that stretched all the way across the field.  Some stated that this would be some crazy type of suicides.   COP: Disclaimer (FarahandFarah did notice I was not a professional on how the cones did not make a straight […]

Anchor 8-26-17

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Welcome and Disclosure… Then – F3 is a men’s workout group, with themission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our workouts: Are free of charge Are open to all men Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold Are led by men who participate in […]

Life Can Be Such a Bench…

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18 PAX resisted the fartsack and decided to get better this morning. The JAX PAX has been at Memorial since April and has yet to take full advantage of all that surrounds us: the BENCHES…. COP • SSH x20 IC • Hillbillies x15 IC • Reach through x10 IC • LBAC forward/backwards x10 IC • […]

Jacksonville Does Have Hills!

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12 PAX decided to get better and rolled out of the fartsack to post at ANCHOR for a pre-Q-School beatdown, compliments of YHC. One thing to remind those members of the PAX who have not Q’d yet, one advantage to signing up is you help avoid YHC Q’ing twice in one week! Heck, I sign […]

Anchor 7-22-17

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It had been awhile since YHC had Qd on a Saturday so I kept it simple, but not too simple that I could lose my rep for leading semi-annoyingly creative workouts.   Welcome and Disclaimer:   Circle of Pain LBAirm Circles Forward, Backwards / Big Arm Circles Forward, Backwards – 20 Tempo Squats – 10 […]

Schweatty Balls Part Deux

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20 Male species arrived with eye boogers not knowing what to expect when YHC has a laundry basket, frisbee, and a brown bag of balls. Conditions: Moist Warm-o-Rama All IC x15 Mummy Run Reachers Don Quixote slowed down Annies LBAC f/b Chinooks The Thang We broke up into 5 groups of 4 plus YHC and […]

Introducing Mount Macho Picchu

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15 PAX won the battle of the fartsack only to be greeted by the Q tag-team of Snuffleupagus and YHC for this morning’s beatdown. Some of the PAX expressed the one downfall of transplanting #ANCHOR to Memorial Park was the loss of Mount Kill-a-man-jaro. After some exploration of our new surroundings in the flat lands of […]

Another day at ANCHOR

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Only 6 showed up, but they all had EA – some were at MudRun, some had 2.0 graduation. The humidity was in high gear today .  Everyone still had fun. Let’s get to it! BAC 10 IC fwd, bck LBAC 10 IC fwc, bck Mahtar N’Daiyes 12 IC 6 starting on each elbow I saw […]

Burpees Bonanza

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17 and a Feud posted for a glorious morning of fun in our new digs, MEMORIAL PARK. Something strange was in the air as the PAX had donned their winter gear for the gloom activities. (In other words, Disco had on his long Johns) Conditions: 55 degrees of Awesomeness Toxic- In full effect FNG was […]

Modified Dora

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On Slack, Bigbird said no one had signed up..and it would be 3 consecutive days with him leading. YHC decided to take it to spare the rest of the PAX from his torture. Warmup: Don Q – 15 ic Toy soldier – 15 ic Imperial walkers – 15 ic Tempo Merkins – 15 ic Moroccan […]