The Tide is High

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13 PAX, which included an FNG, resisted the fartsack and found their way through the foggy gloom to ANTHILL. Apparently there was some game on late last night. Upon arrival, these HIM found that a “Tide” and “Rolled” in overnight. This can’t be good… COP SSH x 25 IC Toy Soldier x10 LAC Forward/backwards x15 […]

Princess Tea Party Fun

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On this auspicious morning, Xenu and Drone conspired to throw the most grand, the most festive, the most flowery, and the most utterly eviscerating princess party the Jax Pax have ever seen. 18 pax posted, teddy bears in hand, for the occasion. Warmup: 64 x SSH – The signature Xenu opener in honor of Barbie, […]

Bleeping Test

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The time had come to do some bleeping work. YHC got to the park early to measure out the required 20 meters distance and setup all the while watching his 6 for rapist and midnight crazies. The only incident was the sight of what appeared to be a crack-head in long underwear running down the […]

Beep Test PreBlast

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At Anthill 10/31 we will do our third fitness check (previously the MANatee and Burpee/Merkin/Situp/Pullup challenge) to track our improvement. The beep or bleep test is a widely used method to measure cardiovascular fitness and max oxygen uptake (VO2 max). How it Works The Standard test has 21 levels, and each level consists of a […]

The dominance of San Marco

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The domination of San Marco Two ice cream scoopers battles it out in slippery streets of San Marco Conditions- breezy wet weather and Heisenberg with the light flautulence while setting up we had a few people ask what merkins were (don’t look it up according to seatdown) 1. Warmup A. 4 SSH B. 10 LITTLE […]

Vanquishing the Beast

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After taking some serious punishment from Feud at Anchor and SeatDown at Kessel, YHC’s legs were pleading for a break, which means… arms and chest smokefest!  Too soon for another blockified beatdown?  Methinks not!  20 members of Fartsackus Conquerus species showed out for the occasion. Conditions: Typical FL gloomidity with a dash of pre-autumn Warmup: 40 […]

ARGHH Keep on pushing

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21 Pax this morning for a workout that worked arms, chest, abs, and legs. Circled up and the field. Welcome and proper disclaimer given. No FNGs. The THANG: 15 SSH IC 15 Hillbillys IC 15 Plank Jacks IC 15 Groiners IC 15 Mountain Climbers Circle of Pain. Each Pax does a Boxcutter while all others […]

A note from the Interwebs of Star-Trek

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Straight from the interwebs of Jacksonville and deep space here is your backblast. Thang 10 burpees because Farah was late to the field SSH IC x 5 Merkins IC x 9 Mountain climbers IC x 20 To the bball court for some practice avoiding BCD behaviors No blaming: 3,6,9,12 ascending burpee suicides No complaining: 5, 10, […]