Montani Semper Liberi

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21 PAX including 1 FNG arrived at ANTHILL in the gloom for a little history lesson. Being a proud native of West “by God” Virginia, YHC thought it would be a good time to provide a few little facts and trivia about the Mountain State. Afterall, it was 156 years ago today that West Virginia […]

Math Field Day

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18 PAX including two FNGs arrived early to ANTHILL for the school of gloom for this beatdown. YHC embraces his geekdom (which no one in the PAX seemed to have disputed) and talked about how his 2.0’s do the same. Both were affectionately known as “mathletes” when they competed at “Math Field Day” while in […]

No leaky buckets

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12 Pax + 1 FNG (welcome Throat Swab!) posted for a field trip and an object lesson about adequate preparation Big arm circles x 15 IC SSH x 15 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15 IC Crab Cakes x 15 IC Burpees x10 OYO for late arrival The Thang Pax all grabbed a sand pail and […]

Friends don’t let friends skip LEG day

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15 Jax Pax avoided the dreaded fartsack to join YHC for some leg, leg and even more leg day. Friends don’t let friends SKIP leg day! Conditions: 1200% humidity Disclaimer then Mosey around the library for a quick warm up, then circle up in the parking lot. COP: Smurf Jack x 20 IC Sumo Squat with […]

The Sith Academy

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The smoke cleared briefly and 19 PAX appeared in the gloom for this morning’s beat-down. YHC brought the geekdom down on the PAX as he did not feel that the greatest sci-fi holiday of the year was well appreciated last week (May the 4th for those not in the know). So in order to educate […]

A Heavy Trip Down Memory Lane

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On the official 2nd anniversary of F3 Jacksonville, 11 pax dug out their neglected rucksacks from dusty closet corners and set out on a trip down memory lane.  YHC had originally contemplated simply duplicating the Big Bang beatdown from Launch Day 2015 as a baseline test, but we are not the same men we were […]

Arms Race- Day 2

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The fartsacks emptied as 17 PAX posted to ANTHILL for Day 2 of the #armsrace. The race was decreed by Drone when it was realized YHC, Drone, and Big Bird all had Qs on the same week. This created an instant competition to see who could dream up the hardest SmokeFeast for the PAX. A champion […]

Full Court Suck

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It was time for the 3rd installment of warrior mindset focused around team training and leadership. YHC loaded down his small, womanly car with about 300 lbs. of weight plates and rolled out to find 18 PAX gathered in the gloom. Promises were made concerning burpees. The Thang- Mosey to the basketball court to warm-up […]