Who Are You?

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Welcome  Theme: 40th Anniversary of “Who Are You” – a classic classic-rock exercise in self-reflection. 1 FNG Disclaimer Pre-mature counterama Warm-Up Pete Townshends – initially to be OYO but after some mumblechatter, why not – in cadence! Michael Phelps – IC Cotton pickers – IC Hillbilly — IC Side straddle hops – IC, starting slooow, […]

GOAT Broga

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Goat Broga, yes it’s a thing! STOP…Do not read any further until you have watched these YouTube videos: Goat Yoga #1 and Goat Yoga #2 YHC generally stays on top of the latest fitness trends but surprisingly enough YHC had not heard of this new trend popping up all across the US until this week…and actually the #1 […]


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10 Men posted this Tuesday for what is usually reserved as a “run” day.  However, OUTHOUSE ain’t no runner so of course I had to mix it up a bit. I do believe we have a Spartan Race soon approaching. The Pax would soon experience SLRB. Warmup SSH IC x 10 Michael Phelps IC x 10 […]

Semper Fi (Always Faithful)

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13 Pax members woke before the rising sun and stepped out into the chilly 36 degree air of Ponte Vedra (The Bandlands). We started the COT a little differently and listened to “The Duke “ recite The Pledge of Allegiance.  Followed by a an Inspirational note from General George Patton. ”Now if you’re going to […]

Where The Streets Have No Name

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In the Badlands chilly gloom, YHC greeted the six grumble-stretching Pax with some ‘fascinating’ (at least he thought so) musical trivia. Today (3/13/18) is Adam Clayton’s 57th birthday. Any self-respecting musicophile recognizes him as the U2 bass guitarist. In 1987, they released Where The Streets Have No Name (…playing softly in the background…) on the […]