Tunnel of Football?

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It was a bit nipply this am with 4 PAX arriving for a Dollly before the beatdown. 14 brave PAX decided they were stronger than the fartsack tractor beam and posted for a fun beatdown. Discipline for the month, “We are prepared for the shit to come” meaning we work hard, train hard, to prepare […]

Thanksgiving Past

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Suffering from Thanksgiving food coma and seasacking in the ocean for a week, I have been shamefully guilted into posting this Backblast (all that to say I am a hopeless procrastinator).  I have committed however to improve and since there is some sort of poll going around, I want to see who’s on my side […]

Frosty Balls

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YHC rolled into the frozen Florida tundra parking lot past a herd of caribou and a solitary penguin. YHC ran off the arctic creatures and the snow was shoveled from the flag circle. The hoi polloi rolled in soon after on their snowmobiles and dog sleds. Warm-up: hot chocolate and… Lap around island and 20 SSH Lap […]

Burpees Equal Discipline

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YHC rolled into the lot of Davis Park to see a horde of PAX already gathered in the mosquito-ridden gloom doing versus stretches and mumblechattering (mumblechatting?). YHC pulled his hand me down from a hand me down Mazda Tribute next to the Beamers, Audis, and Caddys that are common in the Badlands due to 89% of […]