It’s okay not to know

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6 pax joined the YHC on a pleasant Monday morning, thought of the day “It’s ok to not know” Warmup – quick lap around flag and welcome center stairs, SSH -IC 10, Reacher-IC 10, OYO 5 squats, 4 merkins, 3 groiners, 2 star jumps, 1 burpee. Theses last 5 exercises would be seen again. The […]

Max Out

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11 pax joined the YHC on a crisp Thursday morning. The message of the day was simple, enjoy the good and focus on what is going right. warmup- SSH, LM, The Reacher, LBAC F/B, MP mosey to lot 1 The pax we’re instructed to perform the following exercises as long as possible. When wiped out […]

Shadow Run

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The Thang Warmup- SSH -15, The Reacher-15, Downward Dog OYO, Toy Soldiers OYO, Michael Phelps -10, Parking Lot Mosey Start – 25 Merkins, Run 0.1 m, 25 Iron Cross w partner, Run back 0.1m, 20 stagger Pushups (10 each,) Run 0.2m, 20 flutter kicks, Run 0.2 back, 15 wide Pushups, Run 0.3m, 15 H2H, Run […]

Guest Q at ANCHOR (5/11/19) — Welcome F3 Pothole who will be bringing a FUN game! PRE-BLAST BELOW

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When: Saturday, May 11 — 0700 at ANCHOR Where: Memorial Park (1620 Riverside Ave) QIC: Pothole from F3LakeMurray, South Carolina   Congratulations F3 Jacksonville, you just celebrated 4 years of sweat inducing, friendship strengthening, leader generating, faith building fellowship with men you may have never spoken a single word to. But you took the red […]

Where Have the Defenses Gone?

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Lucky 13 HIM of Jacksonville muddled through the early, soggy gloom and posted for Feud’s pre-Super Bowl party beatdown. The Pax were greeted with bright lights at the park and as well as a large mulch truck that was blocking YHC car from exiting. Really hoping they would be gone by the time we were […]

Don’t Mess with the Sub

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15 HIM of F3 Jacksonville posted in the cool-air gloom at Anthill for what they thought would be a Big Bird beatdown, only to find a substitute Q. With the scheduled Q away, the Pax thought they could play, but YHC was not going to have any their shenanigans. With the fear of being sent […]


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Despite YHCs best efforts to scare the PAX with pre-beatdown Slack chatter of death and doom, 23 posted anyway on this perfect 50 degree Florida morning. In fact, the PAX were chipper and awake as clearly demonstrated with a perfect cadence of 15 side-straddle hops. The PAX must have had the realization that if they […]

Election Day Beatdown

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13 Jax PAX woke up early in order to do their civic duty to F3 Nation- post for a gloomy weekday beatdown at Anthill. It is Election Day 2018! As such, YHC decided to leave the beatdown up to the Jax PAX. Parts of the beatdown were determined by majority vote. Unfortunately for the PAX, […]