Bucket Broga Brigade

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Conditions:55° and windy which is surprisingly cold for April in Florida. YHC rarely goes into anything without proper planning, however, this little diddy did not come to life until about 8pm the following evening when our brother Pyro posted the following Spartan Bucket Brigade Training video. YHC promptly texted Full Monty to see if Monday’s […]

Badlands Beep Test

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One of the joys of F3 is that you learn something new about your brothers at each beatdown.  We all know, for example, that Outhouse is pull-up machine as well a member in fine standing in the world of financial services (a most noble industry). Some of us who have been on IR have benefited […]

Spartan Teaser

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YHC arrived just ahead of Squeege to plant the flag and stretch out.  It looked as if PAX was already spent when they arrived but it was Monday in the gloom so we decide to get started anyway. Spartan Teaser Warm-o-rama 15 – SSH 15 – Michael Phelps 15 – Chinooks 15 – Hillbillies 15 […]

Saturday Cinder Smackdown

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As Xenu & PUD discussed our plans for the workout, the idea started flowing… the unsuspecting PAX were only given one hint… Bring a Cinder Block! The fun that would ensue was a great way to start a Saturday morning! A small contingent arrived at 6am for Dolly… Lifo & Feud rucked & Dr. Okie, […]

Pardon Our Dust

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Upon arrival my very first thought was, as our forefather Homer Simpson would so eloquently say,…”DOH!”  The field was all torn up for construction and the PAX were limited to half of the park…time to call another audible and wing this workout.  Thanks to the PAX for their patience and participation.Men DELAY MECHANISM: 20 SSH […]

Bear Crawl Mania

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15 Pax this am: Snuffy, Octagon, D Nice, Xenu, Toxic, PUD, Drone, Heisenberg, Throat swab, Wiff, Big Bird, Lifo, Fued, Crop duster, and Synapse. Welcome and proper disclaimer given. Welcome Crop duster from Blufton, SC. No FNGs. Bear Crawl  The Warmup 10 Hillbillys IC 10 Alternating shoulder taps IC 10 Rosalitas IC 10 Dancing bears […]

Mental Toughness

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11 PAX and 1000’s of mosquitos decided to shake off the rust and return for another week of Broga with YHC. YHC was glad to hear that our Jax brother Pud would be posting for his Broga initiation and that Squeege (respect) had brought bug spray for the PAX. As always YHC is impressed with […]