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  • When: 4/26/15
  • QIC: Chaser and Doc
  • The PAX: Mr. Fix It (FNG Bret Newkirk), Hops (FNG Chris Barley), Tugboat (FNG Charlie Sanchez), Arc (FNG Angel Sanchez), Kardashian (FNG Maurice Lawerance), Freightrain (FNG Richard Smith), PluffMud (FNG Mike Montemayer), Eileen (FNG Michael Delcharo) , Heisenburg (FNG Jeff McCray), Fiddler (FNG Chris Lanham, Hollywood (FNG Justin Murphy, BandCamp (FNG Donald Murphy), Homeboy (FNG Brad Burns), BigBird (FNG John King), Fued (FNG John Castillo), Jumanji (FNG Brandon Speeg), OTC (FNG Ryan Parsons), Bernadette (FNG Paul Talbert), Bagcheck (local Jax), Drone (FNG Jordan Slingo), CousinEddy (FNG Kendall Hunt), Bull (FNG Tim Cheney), Scrunchie (FNG Chris Blockus) , Bing (FNG Matt Perry), Billboard (FNG Mike Olivieri), FNG Aaron (left before COT), FNG Cody Haley (left before COT), Robber, Okra, Pothole, FOG, Totanka, Doc, Chaser

After months of planning by the #LEAP team of Uncle, Doc, Mac&Cheese, Jorel and YHC Jacksonville went BANG on Saturday, April 25 as 39 men, including 31 FNGs posted in sunny Florida’s version of the gloom at Alexandria Oaks Park in the San Marco area. What greeted the pax were 7 F3 men wqho travelled to Jax for the launch (Robber, Okra, Pothole, FOG, Totanka, Doc & Chaser), a bada$$ shovel flag courtesy of F3’s shovelflag guru, Raider and two Q’s, Doc and YHC, prepared to introduce the FNGs to how F3 rolls…and roll we did through an hour of sprints, burpees and just a few merkins sprinkled in here and there.

Conditions: 67 with surprisingly low humidity.

Mosey from the park entrance out onto the #Green (BIG field)
COP – Field – Lead off with exercise demonstration (how to count) Chaser calls Merkins – Doc demonstrates – 5 (4ct)

SSH – 20 (4ct) Chaser
Imperial Walkers – 15 (4ct) Doc
Little Arm Circles – 20Forward/20Back/20Press (4ct) Chaser
Squats – 10 (4ct) Doc
Merkins – 10 (4ct) Chaser
LBCs – 15 (4ct) Doc
Burpees – 5 (OYO) Chaser
Lunges – 10 (4ct) Doc
Flutter Kicks – 20 (4ct) Chaser

Mosey to sideline (created by cones)


Bear crawl across and back
Crab walk over and back (backward then forward)

Divide in half. Half with Doc and half with Chaser

Doc’s group mosey to the side. (Chaser’s group stays on the #Green)

Sidewalk Work: Doc’s group first, Chaser’s second.
Mosey to Sidewalk — find a line:
Ski hops side to side – 30 seconds
Big boy sit-ups – 20 oyo (on your own)
Ski hops front and back – 30 seconds
Knee ups – 10 in cadence (4ct)
7s (6 jump squats, walking lunge 10 steps, 1 widearm, walking lunge back to starting position. Repeat again with 5 jump squats, 2 widearms, continue until ladder complete)

Field Work: Chaser’s group first, Doc’s second.
5 minute AMRAP Circuit 1:
o 1st cone 10 merkins

o 2nd cone 5 burpees

o 3rd cone 10 merkins

o 4th cone 5 burpees
Run back to start. 5 minutes. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

5 minute AMRAP Circuit 2: Abs
o 1st cone 10 Big Boy Sit-ups

o 2nd cone 5 V-up

o 3rd cone 10 Big Boy Sit-ups

o 4th cone 5 V-up

If time: Suicides on cones 1-4 until 15 minutes is up.
o Chaser and SubPrime Groups flap jack

Merge Groups and Mosey to park entrance area.

Shovel Flag Presentation – Chaser (~90 seconds)

COP – Dealer’s Choice:

Chaser: 30 flutter kicks (4ct)
Doc: MountainClimbers x 15 (4ct), Peter Parker x 10 (4ct)
FNG Chris Blockus (now Schrunchie) 10 Monkey Humpers (4ct)
Chaser: Russian Twist x 20 (4ct)
Doc: Squat x 10(4ct)
Chaser: Merkins x 10 (4ct)

Mosey to COT
COT (name 31 FNGs)
Ball of Man led by Chaser

From Doc:
– Most frightening moment of day, Scrunchie threatening to undo his hair tie
– The first workout I have ever attended where we named pax based on real time events (Drone, Freight Train)
– After Double Shot’s second Merlot spill (thus the name), YHC had the bright idea to introduce the 10 count to the pax. Earlier next time for sure.
– Arc was smoking the field work, and the suicides seemed like quite the wheelhouse.
– I love that every single pax hung in thru the entire workout #strong
From Chaser:
– Great group of men with alot of wide eyes as they took in the sights and sounds of their first F3 workout.
– Some leaders have already begun to emerge. BigBird took the shovel flag home with him with a promise to bring it back next week. Several have created twitter accounts and followed the @F3Jacksonville account. Several with existing twitter accounts have already added their F3 nicknames to their account. GREAT to see. Own your nickname…make it yours. Earned.
– This group is yours. I think you’re starting to see what F3 can do for a man. The fitness and fellowship will change a #sadlcown. The group will be what you make it and will live or die with you. Bring new men in a fast as possible. Step up and lead early on. Learn to lead workouts and bring the energy every time. Energy is contagious and attractive and apathy, a poison. Give F3 away to every man you know. They ALL need it.

SAME TIME (7AM), SAME PLACE (ALEXANDRIA OAKS PARK) EVERY week going forward unless you hear otherwise through email from f3jacksonville@f3nation.com or on the @f3jacksonville twitter account. WE GO RAIN OR SHINE.
– 15 attended coffeeteria at Maple Street Biscuit right down the street and it was AWESOME. Great food but even better fellowship. If you didn’t attend coffeeteria this week YHC encourages you to make time next week. It strengthens bonds and we were done by 9:15ish so it’s not that late.


  1. An awesome day all the around…got a little weird on the way back with Robber waving his banana hands at the passing 18 wheelers on I-95, but otherwise I will be his ‘sweetmate’ any time. Loved that about 2-3 jax guys were vying for the flag, i saw a tweet last night from fng big bird that the flag is safe and will fly again next Saturday, same time….I am so pumped about what’s about to happen in jax!

  2. It was great to get on the road with these knuckleheads and share F3 with a group of men in a new city. The same was done for me and my buddies in Cola and things haven’t been the same since. I hope you Jax men come on back with an FNG in tow. Like those crazy GORUCK guys you met last weekend (Scrunchie) like to say: “Bring a friend, it’s less scary that way”.

  3. Great job and backblast, I was DR in the opposite direction so just now catching up.

    The men of Jax appear to be primed and ready for the Jorel / Megaphone special next week. Bar was set high, it appears.

    Follow / tweet me @f3_jorel to get the early noise and clues. We will see you early Saturday.

  4. You had them do monkey humpers?! That is a 2nd or 3rd post thing, make sure they’re committed before taking away their self esteem! 🙂

    I guess if they still come back its a win.

    Solid work by all!

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