Jacksonville LEAP PREBLAST – Week 2

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  • When: 05/02/15
  • QIC: Jorel and Megaphone
  • The PAX: The JAX PAX and F3 friends from up north

Where: Alexandria Oaks Park, San Marco area of Jacksonville

Last week, 39 pax got after it in the steamy gloom of the Jacksonville / San Marco and experienced what they had mostly heard or read about. Many thanks to Chaser and Doc from Columbia/Charlotte to venture into this new frontier.

Many of the men told their friends when they came back home, and a spark was ignited that could not be put out.

What you started is not finished. If you didn’t know what a Merkin or Burpee was before, now you do. If you already knew and didn’t complete many reps, this week you will get through those and more. You earned a new name, now come back to respond to it and give a name to the FNG you brought with you.

We’ll start where you laid an hour of blood, sweat and other bodily fluids last week, but we have plans to go off the path. Bring some work gloves, it will be a little messy. We’ll all get back home together an hour later, I promise. You’ll have some new stories to tell your friends next week.

Gather 0650, launch 0700.

Humbly submitted –

Jorel and Megaphone


2 thoughts on “Jacksonville LEAP PREBLAST – Week 2

  1. Even when on the path you will learn to bring gloves.

    Only takes a few times of burpees, bear crawls or other insanity on a road/sidewalk to make you want some gloves.

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