Jacksonville Week 2 – Enter the Stalker

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  • When: 05/02/15
  • QIC: Jorel and Megaphone
  • The PAX: The Caboose (FNG f/k/a Caleb), Freight Train, Gold Medal (FNG f/k/a Seth), Rodney (FNG f/k/a Aaron), Tugboat, Officer (FNG f/k/a Hugo), Double Shot, LIFO (FNG f/k/a Will), Feud, The Fiddler, Leash (FNG f/k/a Chris), Heisenberg, Chicken Wing (FNG f/k/a Todd Lemmon), Hops, OTC, Red Hooded (WB and FNG, f/k/a Elijah Heffner), Schnauzer, Big Bird, Winston (FNG f/k/a Trevor), Brunell (FNG f/k/a Jack), Jumanji, Arch, Jorel, Megaphone (WD)

2 Qs drove past no less than 7 gentlemen’s clubs to park in front of the gate for Alexandria Oaks (AO) Park at 0630 and saw a car already parked, ready and willing to take on a mysterious beatdown. Out rolled Freight Train, with his FNG, and the cars kept coming, and coming and coming. Big Bird arrived and planted the glorious SF and off went 24 pax into the humid, sandy AO.


The Thang (X = 4 count exercises or in cadence)- below is mostly accurate…


Pre-launch speech by YHC


Mosey through the gate to AO Park for COP




#Cadence Description


SSH X 15

Imperial Storm Trooper X 15

Mountain Climbers X 15

Cotton Picker X 15

Squat X 18

Windmill X 12

Merkins X 15


Split into 2 for the pre-TPC (shotgun start, half with Jorel, Half with Megaphone)


Back 9 with Jorel (to the small park):

Indian Run to park

Breakout into 3 teams, with the following stations at benches throughout park

  • 15 Decline merkins
  • 15 Dips
  • 15 Squats


Round 2 this time with the following:

  • 15 Monkey humpers (“short squats” for the curious neighbor lady getting her paper)
  • 15 Dips
  • 15 Plank Jacks


Indian Run back to AO and switch with Megaphones team to play Front 9:


Broad Jump Burpees across field (about 30 yards)

Lunge walk back to marker (Sweatshirt)

Makhtar Ndjiyae X 10


Front 9 with Megaphone:

Cack-a-lacka Choo Choo (plank with hops over each pax) – 2 cycles


Four Corners (main field – Practice Range):

1st corner – LBC X 15

2nd corner – Carolina Dry Dock X 10

3rd corner – Squats X 15

4th Corner – Merkins X 10


Indian run on Cart Path to Big Tree – Pair Up


Round 1 – Partner 1 – run around 1st Tree, Partner 2 LBC OYO. Flapjack

Round 2 – Partner 1 – run around 2nd Tree, Partner 2 Merkins OYO. Flapjack


Plank and wait for 6


Mosey back to Practice Range

Squats X 15

Lunge Walk


Mosey and Indian Run to Back 9


Bench Stations – 10 Dips, 10 Incline Merkins


Repeato X 2


Mosey to curb


Rocky Balboa X 15


Spotted video Stalker (see below) and mosey back to Practice Range/Front 9


Megaphone’s team returns with announcement of video surveillance from the curious neighbor – AUDIBLE


Partner up – size matters

Wheelbarrow walk – 20 yards out, then flapjack with partner

Crab walk back to start


Jax Webb (see what I did there?) – CROWD PLEASER

1 merkin, 1 air press – up to 7 merkins/air presses

Back down to 1 merkin/1 air press (somewhere was mixed in an “almost there” with a patented Jorel #TWSS


Explanation of MARY



Mason Twist X 20

WWII Situp X 20

Homer to Marge with Flutter Kicks X 20

Shoulder Touch Merkins X 20

Airborne Mindbenders


COT / Name-O-Rama

Mosey back to SF for BOM


Naked, Sweaty Moleskine:

  • We did some recon of the AO Friday when we arrived into town – AO Park is no joke. This place needs a name and with all that sand – The Bunker?
  • No injuries, fatalities or even Merlot spills – Jax Pax is gaining strength and the FNG crew was serious about their fitness.
  • For a cool day of not yet 70 and only 75% humidity, we sweated up a storm. Make sure to hydrate before and bring some water with you as there are no water stops on site.
  • Schnauzer from Area 51 in Charlotte brought along his FNG who brought it, thus Leash.
  • Naming was an entertaining exercise – hopefully you all checked out YouTube for the Red Hooded reference: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=red+hooded+sweatshirt&FORM=HDRSC3#view=detail&mid=26F3C60F8EEB5785B43926F3C60F8EEB5785B439
  • We were severely corrected as we started to pull in for Ball of Man – “No, we do that at the Shovel Flag.” So noted. Rules are rules.
  • Request for F3 Gear team – names on the back of the F3 shirts? We’ll pass it on.
  • Had a great time catching up with Feud at coffeeteria (Maple Biscuit is no joke). Find him next time for your F3 decals (he’s the current keeper of the inventory)
  • Thanks to you all for having us – we had a great time and look forward to hearing about your progress!


Humbly submitted 2 May 2015,

Jorel and Megaphone

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