Pothole Causes Pain and Suffering at F3Jacksonville

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  • When: 05/09/15
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: OTC, Hops, Tugboat, Redhood, Doubleshot, Art, Gold Medal, Cousin Eddie, Lifo, Drone, Jumanji, Fued, Chicken Wing, FNG - Dr. Phil, FNG - Disco

16 total PAX (including YHC and 2 FNG’s) braved the muggy Jacksonville morning for the third installment of all that is F3. There would be plenty of first F, and the PAX learned how to incorporate the second and third F just to complete the workout.

Conditions: 74 degrees, humid

The Thang:
Little Baby Arm Circles X 15 each direction, IC
Overhead Arm Claps X 20 IC
Cherry Pickers X 2 min
*recover and shake it out*
YHC took time to stress the importance of paying attention to detail and to listening to instructions. So, for the remainder of the workout, if the PAX recover before the Q says, “recover”, it’s an automatic 10 Merkin penalty by all.
Windmill X 15 IC
Through The Tunnel X 15 IC
Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
Squats (starting from the down position) X 15 IC

Double up for Double Applesauce

Stay in columns of two and line up; left face and face the Q.
The PAX behind you is your partner.

Partner #1 runs approximately 40 yards and back, while partner #2 performs exercise X 3 reps
1st = squats, 2nd = Merkins,  3rd = Flutter Kicks
Rinse and Repeat

Russian Twists X 20 IC
Flutter Kicks X 20 IC
Rinse and Repeat
Several “gotcha!” moments and the PAX served penalties of about 50 Merkins.

Keeping your original partner, perform the following as a team:
300 Squats
200 Iron Crosses
100 Merkins

This is where the PAX really ramped up the 2nd F and started motivating their partner. The 3rd F, I Am Third, kicked in when YHC explained that it’s not about individuals. So as you and your teammate finish your sets, help an F3 brother finish theirs. #crowdpleaser.

Flutter Kicks X 20 IC
Russian Twists X 20 IC
Several more Merkin penalties.

At this point, YHC dropped the bomb.
“You’re tired. You’re beat. You’re ready to be done. We are now going to do a modified PT test (minus the 2 mile run).

Just like your daily lives when you’ve had that bad week and you think, ‘I’m so glad it’s Friday.’ Well what if your Friday is just as bad as the rest of the week? You need to be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone.”

2 minutes max Merkins
2 minutes max Sit-ups

The PAX put out some great numbers despite having done a few hundred Merkins already. Just when you think you don’t have anything left, you dig deep and find that extra something.

Mosey to the Shovel Flag

FNG Name-O-Rama:
Aaron Pierce -> medical billing -> Dr. Phil
Pedro Diaz -> loves to play frisbee -> Disco


– PAX enjoyed a difficult workout and got some great ideas going forward
– Remember to continue encouraging your friends/relatives/coworkers to join you in the gloom!

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  1. Jax Pax have broad shoulders already, now they’re broad and sore shoulders.

    Solid work – we apparently were easy on you in Week 2 by comparison, but no Merlot spills reported, so you’re getting stronger!

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