JAX weekday launch

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  • When: 05/13/15
  • QIC: Mac & Cheese
  • The PAX: Eileen (War Daddy), Drone (War Baby), Jumanji, Mac & Cheese

4 PAX stepped up to the challenge of week day workouts in Jacksonville with a Wednesday 0530 liftoff from Southside Park. The Q was a little nervous when 0525 came and went without any company. Turns out Q wasn’t only one making first visit to Southside Park.

X = in 4 count cadance


Slow run around park to get lay of the land before Warm-o-Rama
SSH x 30
Mountain Climbers x 15
Windmill x 15
Squats x 15

At picnic tables
Dips x 15
Step ups 15 each leg
Decline Merkins x 15
Dips x 15
Step ups 15 each leg
Decline Merkins x 10

Mosey to basketball court
Bear Crawl Suicides
Bear crawl to free throw line and back, 10 merkins
Bear crawl to half court and back, 15 merkins
Bear crawl to opposite free thrown line and back, 20 merkins
Bear crawl to opposite baseline and back, 25 merkins

Regular suicide, 10 LBCs
Regular suicide, 20 LBCs
Regular suicide, 30 LBCs
Regular suicide, 40 LBCs

Mosey to tennis court
90 seconds people’s chair
Crab walk across court
Incline merkins x 15
Crab walk back
120 seconds people’s chair, with shoulder air presses x 30
Crab walk across court
One legged squats x 15 each leg

Mosey back to field
Karaoke back and forth across field
Backwards run back and forth across field
Sprint back and forth across field


The W x 15
Freddy Mercury x 15
Rosalita x 30

1) Drone is a beast. Get the feeling that he is trying out F3 during his “recover” days. Running in a triathlon this weekend. Good luck brother. Nice meeting you.
2) Eileen made his first full post. Love the nickname (bad calf, so he “leans”). Brought it strong.
3) Thanks to Jamanji who is now a true regular, making it to all workouts so far, all the way from the beach area.
4) The Bear Crawl Suicides looked good on paper, but still sore as I type this 2 days later.
5) Pretty solid AO. All you need in small area. Will test out playground for pull ups next time around.
6) Thanks for having me guys, and I look forward to another week day workout Q soon. Way to step up to the challenge!

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