JAX PAX experiences Swamp Rabbit style downPAINment

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  • When: 5/16/2015
  • QIC: Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Hiesenburg, Cousin Eddie, Feud, Officer, Big Bird, OTC, Pluff Mud, LIFO, Band Camp, Hollywood, Inspector Gadget (WD), FNG: Stark (Bruce Rowan)

Inspector Gadget (YHC) brought the JAX PAX a downPAINment all the way from the Swamp Rabbit region (Greenville SC). I wish I could have brought the lower SC foothills humidity with me.

Let me say that is was a privilege to lead this group of our newest F3 brothers. These guys are very eager to experience all that F3 offers and grow the Jacksonville region. I have no doubt they will do just that.

Jacksonville is very spread out and nearly all of these guys drove a considerable distance to post despite the AO being centrally located. For example, Big Bird travels from the far Westside of town and Jumanji from the eastern extreme of the city.  BTW, prior to the workout YHC conducted a Q school for those two, and they picked up very well.


YHC left F3 stickers with Jumanji, so please see him if you would like to have one.


Freddie Mercury’s IC 15

Hello Dolly’s IC 15

Rosalita IC 15

Mountain Climbers IC 20


Smurf jacks IC 15

Little Arm Circles IC 15 back and front

Mosey to the BIG field


Merkinrama: Partner up (one team had three due to odd numbers)

Each partner goes to failure. Flapjack



Diamond Merkins

Shoulder Touch (20 count per partner)

Derkins (decline from partner’s back)

Was that Mayor Brown walking the park path while the PAX was exercising? Probably not, since he didn’t ask for anyone’s vote in the election next Tuesday.

JAX Webb: Lunge (1 four count rep) then Air Press 4 reps increment proportionally up to 7 and then back down to one

11s: Complete 1  Squat, Run 40 yards, then do 10 High Knee Jumps.  Repeat adding 1 rep to Squat and decreasing 1 rep on High Knee Jump until numbers are reversed.

Sun is really beating down by now.  PAX perspiration noticeably increasing.  

While doing the 11s, a train passed thru, so YHC introduced a tradition from one of the Swamp Rabbit AO’s, ‘The Station’. The PAX does 10 Burpees every time a train rolls thru. I left it to the JAX guys to make it a tradition of their own, having now experienced it once.

Copperhead squats: Squats with pauses at bottom – 12 count

Mosey back to the flags.


Russian Twists IC 20

Heels to Heaven IC 20

Flutter IC 20

LBCs  IC 20

Something else I don’t remember.


FNG: Bruce Rowan named ‘Stark’. Stark was just a month short of being War Daddy. He is a frequent marathoner and runner, and his performance reflected his considerable athleticism. He is a great addition to this LEAP loacation.

Prayer Requests: A member of Big Bird’s church has a mother with dementia that has been missing for several days in the Lake City area.  Feud’s family member dealing with martial difficulties, YHC’s family as his mother is increasingly in need of supervision.

YHC shared his heartfelt feelings for F3, which he has experienced for nearly one year now, with this newest group of F3 brothers. Nothing renews my F3 vigor more than paying it forward to very deserving men like these.

BOM Prayer led by YHC.  Coffeeteria at Maple Street Biscuit Company.


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