Jacksonville FieldTrips with the Red, White & Blue

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  • When: 05/23/15
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Tugboat, Ark, Band Camp, Look Out Below, Cousin Eddy, Feud, LIFO, Temple Boy, Officer, Hollywood, Bernadette, Heisenberg, OTC, Double Shot, Big Bird, Jumanji

16 PAX rallied at the flag, including 2 brothers visiting from God’s country (SC), for the first Saturday Q led by the JAX PAX. Big Bird stepped out of his comfort zone to help Jumanji bring the discomfort.

COP (Jumanji and BB alternating calling cadence)
SSH x 25 IC
Windmills x 25 IC
Imperial Walker x 25 IC
It was stressed not to recover arms for the next sequence
Forward arm circles x 20 IC
Backward arm circles x 20 IC
Shoulder presses x 20 IC
Overhead claps x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 OYO
Burpees x 10 OYO

Rapid mosey over to Southside park with the SF (Jumanji at the front, BB keeping the 6) .7 miles
This unexpected journey brought some immediate feedback from the PAX unaccustomed to running

Split into two groups- Jumanji and BB
Jumanji group to basketball court, BB to picnic tables

Basketball court-
Bear Crawl suicides at this AO are now The Mac and Cheese to honor the Q who originally brought the fun)
Bear crawl to free throw line and back, 20 merkins
Bear crawl to half court and back, 20 Carolina dry-dock
Bear crawl to opposite free throw line and back, 20 diamond merkins
Bear crawl to opposite baseline and back, 20 werkins
Clear impact on the PAX from this set.

Picnic tables-
Dips x 15
Step ups 15 each leg
Decline Merkins x 15
Dips x 15
Step ups 15 each leg
Decline Merkins x 10

Flap Jack groups and complete other station

Both groups meet at the field

Backward Run (across field)
5 burpees
Backward Run (back across field)
5 burpees
Karaoke Left
5 burpees
Karaoke Right
5 burpees
Plank or donate some burpees to a Brother until all finished
Right as 6 was finishing up with some help from friends a freight train blasts past 20 yards behind the PAX, initiating another 10 burpees- thanks Swamp Rabbit

Mosey back to Alexandria Oaks park with the flag (Jumanji at the front, BB has the 6) .7 miles
Hard on the PAX, but everyone stayed tough and arrived within 5 minutes of the SF. Heisenberg showed his runner’s stride- taking the SF home at a good pace. Lots of appreciative honks and waves from the peoples driving by for a group of men proudly carrying the red, white, and blue.

BOM led by Jumaji

– YHC talked about the importance of the men in the circle stepping up to lead and Q, to help F3 expand and succeed in JAX.
– Everyone was encouraged to get a Twitter account if they didn’t have one.
– Prayer requests- Big Bird and Bernadette’s church family for a missing mom in their congregation, Feud’s coworker who is undergoing surgery.
– Coffeeteria afterwards at Maple Street Biscuit Company and that’s when YHC heard those sweet words ‘that workout is my new least, most favorite. Hardest one yet.’ Thanks OTC.

Big Bird has the Q for Wednesday- 0530 at Southside park; get out of your fart sacks and get better.

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  1. AYE!!

    Looks like a great beatdown. Bear Crawls always kick everyone’s butt.
    Proud to see Jumanji and Big Bird step up to lead the Q. I look forward to following the JAX PAX progress going forward.

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