The Motrin 800

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  • When: 06/02/15
  • QIC: OTC
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Jumanji, Lifo, FarahandFarah, Drone, OTC

6 Men from F3 Jax braved the humidity to meet in the gloom. OTC determined that the Pax needed their medicine and decided to bring it. Workouts from Charlotte? No. Workouts from Columbia? No. Welcome to The Motrin 800 brought to you by Jacksonville’s own. So good that when completed you can wring the weakness that has left your body out of your garb. Days, and many ibuprofen later, your body finally has the realization that it was just OTC-ed

The Thang:


x15 Sidestradle hops- OTC realized Qing was for real

x15 forward arm circles

x15 backward arm circles

x15 overhead clap

Broke off into two groups to maximize the medicine:

Group A:

x20 Dips

x20 Burpees- Our favorite


Group B:

x10 pullups

x15 fingertip merkins


Group B then becomes Group A and A becomes B and switches the fun.

Then the song “Ring of Fire” entered the AO and so began -The Johnny Cash

x10 flutter kicks all around group

x10 Hello Dolly all around group

x10 Freddie Mercury’s all around group

x10 Ins & Outs all around group

To keep the Pax attention: x10 Burpees

Oh No! More core:

boats and canoes x who cared- only changed when there were grunts and groans

x10 Jack Webbs (merkins & air press pyramid)

Then it was time for the Pax to unveil their inner superhero nature with; superman/aquaman combos (thanks Fog)

x7 dip ladders with burpees

Finally, to show unity and strength for the Jax Pax

x80 group pullups


The Motrin 800- Take this and call me in the morning…OTC

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