Just a Little B-Ball Shoot Around

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  • When: 06/09/15
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Big Bird, OTC, Cousin Eddy, FarahandFarah, Drone, LIFO

This dark and somewhat pleasant morning, we had a record 7 JAXPAX post.  But of course, this is a record that needs to be broken. Cousin Eddy joined the weekday PAX to see what all the chatter was about, and possibly in response to Jumanji’s public twitter shaming. Jumanji asked in passing before ‘tip off’ …’we aren’t going to be doing any merkins are we?’

The Thang


Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Hillbillies               15 IC

*for the following, no recovery in between

LB arm circles fwd            15 ic

LB arm circles bck             15 ic

Big arm circles fwd           15 ic (LIFO lost count, went to 20)

Big arm circles bck            15 ic

Overhand clap                   15 ic

Air press                              15 ic

Cherry pickers up             15 i

Cherry pickers dn             15 ic

Merkins                               10 ic  (a teaser)

The PAX then moseyed to the basketball court, LIFO found a handful of basketballs, that must have been left by the dwarfs from last week.

To get started.

5 diamond merkins on basketball OYO.  Not as easy as it seems on a rolling object.

7 Jack Webbs on concrete            OYO


Then the fun started.

The PAX lined on the half court line by birth month, in plank position.

1 at a time – bear crawl to FT line. Attempt FT. IF FT made, bear crawl back to position.

If FT missed, 10 merkins for all to enjoy OYO. Then bear crawl back.

For 2 rounds.  There were some near misses, and some wild misses. Maybe the PAX did it on purpose???  Out of 14 shots, there were 12 misses.  Only 120 merkins totals.

After the shooting, which could only rival Shaquille O’Neals FT percentage, suicides were done, with 15 LBC upon every return.

Mosey around the field to remind us we still have legs.

Meet in field, then headed to the pavilion

Bent Ladder 7’s at the picnic tables, Dips and incline merkins (merkins again?). Plank when complete.

Mosey to the field for COP

LBC                         15 IC

Rev LBC                15 IC

LBFC                      15 IC

15 big boy situps OYO

10 Squirkins (again with the merkins)

Flutter kicks        10 IC

Freddie Mercury10 IC

Lindsay Lohan    OYO


BigBird brought us in for prayer. Thank you!


The seven who showed up enjoyed the Gloom.  But not sure if they enjoyed the break from dwarf boot camp. Maybe next time, we’ll add a few merkins.

As we walked to our cars, FarahandFarah, decided to do a few pull ups for good measure then said, he plays basketball on Thursday. Hopefully, today has helped his game.

OTC has Q on Thursday and Big Bird on Saturday

Expansion roadtrip brought up.  Overheard: ‘Orlando is the #SadClownCapital of the world’

See everyone Saturday, and let’s keep increasing the weekday #Gloomgroup.

4 thoughts on “Just a Little B-Ball Shoot Around

  1. LIFO took my idea (which I blatantly stole from another BB for one of my Qs) and made it so much better. The bear crawl to the FT line is brilliant….and awful. Well done!

    BTW, you guys shoot about as well as the Union County PAX.

    1. Hey! I resemble that remark!

      Although I was also shooting with my ruck on as I was training for the GORUCK. I’m not saying I’m a better shooter without it, but it at least gives the impression that I could be. 😛

      1. What the rucker forgets to say is that the Q was merciful and let ruckers take a few steps in. Didn’t help.

        Could you imagine the result we will get with diamond merkins on a basketball with our uncoordinated bunch? We’d end up looking like 45 year old hockey players missing most of their teeth. HH and I competing to see who can lose more with our faceplants.

  2. If nothing else we have at least passed on the art of busting each others chops to the new Jax PAX.

    #IronSharpensIron and poking fun at each other along the way just helps make the journey a little more fun.


    By The Way, someone down there get in touch with Homeboy, I EH’ed him (cousin) & he was at the launch. Encourage him to get his rear back out there! I can only do so much from Charlotte.

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