Tylenol Extra Strength

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  • When: 06/11/15
  • QIC: OTC
  • The PAX: OTC, Jumanji, Big Bird, LIFO, Drone

5 men braved the grimy gloom and met to recover from an upper body madhouse from Lifo. What did they do? An upper body madhouse on steroids. To fight through the aches and pains Otc thought it fitting to supply medicine to the Jax Pax with more aches and pains. In an effort to #getbetter we swallowed the #redpill and used our bodies in an effort to rid the stresses and challenges of the week with grit and determination. This was the next installment of pain relievers with pain. #getsome.

The thang:


x15 SSH

x15 arm circles forward

x15 arm circles backward

x15 raise the roof

x15 upward cherry pickers


Famously broke into two groups;

Group A

x6 8 second negative pull ups

With x20 LBC in between

Group B

Burpee to designated point of Qs choosing

lunge to designated point of Qs choosing

imperial walkers to designated point of Qs choosing

x10 merkins

Then switch groups and repeat


Otcs favorite

The Johnny Cash core grouping

x10 flutter kick

x10 hello dolly

x10 Freddy mercury

Hold at 6″ for what seemed like forever

x10 leg lifts

Hold at 6″ till Drones legs started shaking


Jack Webb ladder x 8 up and down

merkins with raise the roof

(Who knew air was so heavy)


Legs were bored so;

X5 rotations of daft punk clockwise

X10 dive bombers

X10 dying cockroach to upchuck breakfast

X10 prisoner get ups- This was supposed to be easy. What happened?


Then with gripes and groans, mostly from the Q;

Introduced the extra in extra strength.

x10 one legged burpees- Pax new flavor of pain


Then came the (un)pansey-like pansey

X80 pansey as a group with negative pull up option


Otc realized that over the counter pain relievers are helpful but when you are really in a bind the next workout will consist of behind the counter controlled substances. Aye!


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