Laying a Foundation

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  • When: 06/16/15
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Big Bird, OTC, LIFO, Drone, Eileen, Cousin Eddie, FarahandFarah, Jumanji

8 of the usual weekday PAX posted in the humid, 80 degree gloom of Southside park to work on the foundation of F3 Jacksonville.  A smokey smell from wildfires and a few of our usual homeless friends made it a true Jax morning.  Mosey to the field where the PAX found some bricks waiting.  YHC explained to the PAX that F3 is about building better men, so they better lace on their work boots and pull on their gloves to do some construction work.  Each man takes two bricks.  All exercises are done with a brick in each hand unless otherwise noted.

The Thang


  • Windmills x 15 IC
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Daft Punk x 5
  • Little Baby Arm circles forward x 15 IC, backwards x 15 IC
  • Overhead Arm Claps x 15 IC
  • Big Boy Situps x 10 IC
  • Curls for the Girls x 20 IC
  • Reverse fly (pterodactyl) x 10 IC
  • Merkin rows x 10 IC
  • Flutter kick with brick press x 10 IC
  • Moroccan Nighclub x 20 IC

Mosey to racket ball court

  • People’s chair with brick presses- 15 presses IC, rest, 10 presses IC
  • Drop one brick
  • Lunge walk while passing brick between legs (the LeBron?) down and back- 5 burpee penalty for brick drop
  • Overhead squats x 10 IC
  • People’s chair with brick presses- 15 presses IC
  • Lebrons down and back
  • Overhead squats x 10 IC

Mosey to playground and split into 2 groups

1st group to swings-

  • Swerkins x 10 OYO
  • Squats x 10 OYO
  • Swerkins x 10 OYO
  • Squats x 10 OYO

2nd group to playground-

  • Pull-ups to failure +2 negatives (help your brothers) (no bricks, only because YHC couldn’t think of a way to incorporate them)

Flapjack groups

Mosey back to field

5 burpee trains

Jack Webbs to 10- merkins and shoulder presses (YHC heard lots of groaning and grunting by #7, but everyone held strong)

Line up for some light field work

  • Frankenstein walk to the pavilion
  • Backwards run back
  • Karaoke to pavilion, karaoke otherway back
  • High knees to pavilion
  • Run back


  • Russian twist x 15 IC
  • Flutter kicks with brick press x 10 IC
  • Tricep press x 15 IC
  • Bent over rows x 15 IC


YHC stressed the importance of doing things correctly, especially when Qing.  Prayers for our man LIFO who is off on vacation, Cousin Eddie whose wife is traveling and who has the baby by himself for the first time, and for Eileen’s son in college.

Naked Man Moleskin

  • Qs for the week- Drone has Thur, OTC has Saturday.  Big Bird’s man from SC is down next week and will guest Q the weekday workouts
  • YHC is watching the PAX get better every week, especially the faithful who are posting on weekdays and Saturday.
  • #TheBear (heat and humidity) is out of hibernation now, but none of the PAX got bear-bit (heat exhaustion or heat stroke) this morning.  Just some men that looked like they jumped in a lake when 0615 rolled around.
  • A logo is coming, we are looking for CSAUPS to do as a group, and we are talking to some of our media friends to get some coverage of F3JAX.
  • If you are a weekend warrior you need to try out a weekday and see how much faster you get better.
  • #GetBetter

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