The Combine – Flashbacks to 2-a-days

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  • When: 6/18/15
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Big Bird, OTC, Heisenberg, Eileen, Juneau (of F3 Wilmington)

7 pax dragged their 6s out to the AO in the pre-dawn sludge for a workout reminiscent of their high school football days.  YHC was struck by the importance of diligent daily practice in becoming better men, whether our aim is to get in great physical shape, love our wives and families better, or pursue a more intimate relationship with God.

“My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice, and then practice some more.” ~Pete Rose (former MLB player and manager)


Mosey around the AO with interspersed high knees and butt kicks, say good morning to our SS Park homeless friends

Karaokes across field and back

20 x Good mornings

20 x LBCs forward

20 x LBCs backward

20 x Goofballs

20 x Happy Jacks

The Thang:

Train!  10 x Burpees

20 x Flutter kicks

20 x Daft Punks

25 x Groiners

2:00 Up Downs

Mosey to playground, split into two groups: G1 20 x Knees to Chest (K2C) on monkeybars, G2 squats; flapjack, rinse and repeat

Modified Merkin Ladder – 15 to 1 Merkins with 50 yard sprints between each set; full ladder is 20 to 1 (we’ll get there)

1 round of Guantanamo (OTC: “I’ll remember you!”)

15 x Hail Marys w/ partner; flapjack, rinse and repeat

20 x One-legged Burpees

Name-o-Rama, BOM

Sopping wet, wrinkly moleskin:

Great to have Juneau from F3 Wilmington post with us in the gloom today.  Your Merkin ladder put the rest of us to shame, way to set the bar high.  Safe travels home tomorrow, and you’re always welcome in Jax!

YHC learned that some exercises are harder to count IC than others.  Pretty sure I thoroughly confused the pax trying to count Happy Jacks.

Jumanji started having flashbacks to his high school football two-a-day practices when we hit Up Downs.  Being a soccer (real futbol) guy, YHC had never had the pleasure of experiencing Up Downs and was surprised how fast quick feet became not-so-quick feet.  May have to start mixing those into future workouts if the PAX aren’t sweating hard enough.

Merkin Ladder was a crowd favorite.  OTC and Heisenberg were so intent on staggering to the water fountain at the end that they almost left the rest of the planking pax in the lurch.  Full 20 to 1 count would be interesting as a Saturday challenge to see how many pax splash Merlot.

The healthy amount of mumblechatter was a good indicator that the workout was sufficiently challenging for the PAX.  Being called an asshole (“in the best possible way”) by Jumanji was YHC’s big accomplishment for the day.  Love you too, Jumanji!

OTC added Guantanamo to his growing list of most least favorites.  Consider yourselves forewarned, Saturday’s parade of horribles will not be for the fainthearted.

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