Parade of Pain

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  • When: 06/20/15
  • QIC: OTC
  • The PAX: Heisenburg, Pusher (FNG), Hollywood, Farah & Farah, Gamer, PianoMan (FNG), Scrooge (FNG), Cliffhanger (FNG), Ilean, Thriller (FNG), Wolfpack (FNG), Nike, MrFixIt, Bull, BandCamp, BigBird, Drone, Feud, Jumanji, OTC

Where: Alexandria Oaks Park

Conditions: 84 w/ 100% humidity

20 brave Jax Pax, including 6 FNG’s, met together to face the best of the worst or the worst of the best. Whatever your perspective. The whole premise of the chosen was be provide grunts and groans that could be heard throughout the city. In an effort to #getbetter, the favorite least favorites were put together all into one workout to destroy our bodies but raise our spirits in celebration that we are some of the greatest men that God has chosen for a higher purpose and overcome inhibitions that are preventing more leadership and greater follow through from all members that participated.

In the words of Bruce Lee, “If you always put limits on everything you do, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. Only plateaus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Feeling MOTO from F’Heads words, this workout emphasized Qing correctly and to show that Jax is not lazy, we are not complacent, we are not sloppy, and we have some of the best damn men Florida has to offer. Aye!
x15 side stradle hops
x15 forward arm circles
x15 backward arm circles
x15 overhead clap
x15 raise the roof

Divide into two groups and conquer: Thank You Jumanji for the assist.

Group A….. OYO
50 yard lunges; sprint back to end zone
x20 squats
50 yard bear crawl; sprint back to end zone
x20 1 legged burpees, x10 left x10 rt leg
mosey away from field and become Group B

Group B
x20 air squared(air chair) with overhead clap in cadence
x20 imperial walkers in cadence
x10 Jack Webb ladder in cadence (merkins with air press up the ladder only)
Mosey to field and become Group A

Both groups reform COP
Johnny Cash
X5 2 ct flutter
X5 2 ct. Dolly
Hold 6′ till sweat got in someones eye and we swear we heard whining or crying
Recover sike…Back on You 6
Guantanamo X2 each person around

Run for 100 yard touchdown then;
x10 merkins
Run for 100 yard touchdown then;
x10 burpees
Run for 100 yard touchdown then;
x10 squats
Run for 100 yard touchdown then;
x10 flutter kicks
Repeat x2 more times whole series

x25 in cadence Russian Twist
Superman/Aquaman till faces started eating sand

Paired Up
x50 burpees
x100 overhead claps in air chair
x150 merkins
x250 squats
Yes 1 B was removed to modify the excercise hence why air chair was added to overhead claps.


Special thoughts and prayers went out to those in Charleston, South Carolina who are dealing with tragedy. Not just the victims but those who become crazed or lost enough to commit such acts. We prayed that more would find F3 and find solace in the strength that it provides and more would step up and lead for Jacksonville.

OTC says, “If you don’t like it, you frickin Q. If you did like it then get your revenge.”

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