The Indian Lunge Crawl Travels South

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  • When: 06/23/15
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Big Bird, OTC, Jumanji, Bernadette, Drone, Feud, Fareh & Farah, Heisenburg, Chinstrap

Having a lot of close friends and family in the Jacksonville area, YHC was excited when F3 Expansion announced their plans to expand in the Sunshine State. YHC was hoping to attend the Big Bang but work and family duties didn’t allow the opportunity. What YHC has been doing though, is following the PAX on twitter. After reading about the continued growth of the PAX and knowing YHC and family would be vacationing in the Jacksonville in June, YHC put out the request for an opportunity to lead these ever growing men in the Gloom. With the offer accepted, YHC loaded up the car and headed south. Thankfully there was a 5 hr drive to plan a beatdown worthy of these men.
What started out as a joke in the beginning, YHC has started a ritual of choosing a “chosen one” at the beginning of a workout. What this entails is, the chosen one can stop the workout at ANY TIME of his choosing and YHC will lead the PAX through an alternate beatdown. Exercise and reps are unknown to the PAX, unless of course they read my previous back blasts.

CONDITIONS: a welcoming 75 deg



Paired up PAX for exercises to be performed later and also for Buddy accountability.
Mosey around the library building mixing in High Knees, Butt Kicks and left/right Karaoke.

Mosey to center-ish of field for COP
SSH x21 IC
IW x21 IC
TTT x21 IC
WM x21 IC
LBAC x20 IC (10 forward/10 backward)
BBAC x20 IC (10 forward/10 backward)

Mosey to the track surrounding the field
Line up single file for “Indian Lunge Crawl”
-Just like Indian Run except PAX Lunge instead of run
-last PAX Bear Crawls to the front instead of running
Continued around track until each PAX Crawled 2x

Mosey to field and circle up
PAX 1 BBSU x30 while PAX 2 holds ankles.
PAX 2 AMRAP Mtn. Climbers until PAX 1 completes BBSU
R&R x2. 2nd and 3rd round due 20 and 10 BBSU respectively

Circle up again for YHC’s version of B.L.I.M.P.S.!
B- Man Maker Burpees w/ jumping knee tucks x5oyo
L- Jumping Lunges x10 each leg oyo
I-Iron Cross x15oyo
M- Monkey Squats x20oyo
P- One Arm Plank Jacks x25 each arm oyo
S- Deep Squats x30oyo
!- Monkey Humpers x35oyo

The time was now 6:05 and the “Chosen One” had yet to speak up so YHC felt it was time for a guaranteed crowd pleaser
Flutter Kicks x97ic

S- Deep Squats x30oyo
P- One Arm Plank Jacks x25 each arm oyo
M- Monkey Squats x20oyo
I-Iron Cross x15oyo
L- Jumping Lunges x10 each leg oyo
B- Man Maker Burpees w/ jumping knee tucks x5oyo
!- Monkey Humpers x35oyo

Mosey back to parking lot for COT

COT: Chinstrap

– A couple PAX had it on their heart to bring some food for the homeless gentlemen that hang out at the park.
– Warned PAX of Malfunction Junctions pending beatdown coming this Thursday
– Farah & Farah will be out of town Saturday for his 35th Wedding Anniversary…… T-Claps
– Encouraged PAX to continue EH’ing PAX to make weekday workouts and coffeeterias
-Mentioned to PAX about F3’s Super Bowl, the USMC Mudrun

BOM: Bernadette

Moleskin: T-Claps to the PAX this morning. Great effort by all, even Big Bird. As mentioned above, YHC desired to introduce the PAX to something new. By the “huh’s”, “please demonstrate”, “uh’s” that were heard, YHC is confident his desire was fulfilled. Thanks men for allowing me to lead you this morning. I pray you got as much out of it as I did.

T-Claps to OTC for joining YHC on a pre-workout run to get the blood moving. There was another HC to run with us but something about over sleeping or something kept him in the fartsack. Oh well next time. YHC encourages all PAX to maybe post a little early to get a run in prior to workouts. YHC has seen countless PAX #getbettter by just adding a little slow moseying before beatdowns.

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