A Threefold Cord

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  • When: 06/27/2015
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Malfunction Junction, Bag Check, JuCo, Alice (FNG), BigBird (YHC)

YHC and a few others from our church fellowship (3 states represented) had some time restrictions on Saturday so we formed our own AO on the Westside for an early morning Saturday beatdown. YHC reluctantly took the Q for a few more veteran F3 brothers.

Conditions: It’s Florida in June, 70’s and 100% humidity @ 0530.

Mosey to old horse pasture behind church as to not disturb neighbors. Length of grass in the field was mumbled about but some, but YHC decided that was part of the fun. YHC opened with a prayer of thankfulness.


-SSH IC x 25

-Arms up for the durations:

-20 FAC IC x 20

-20 BAC IC x20

-20 OHC IC x20

-20 RTR IC x 20

-Merkins IC x 10

-Freddy Mercury’s IC x 20

The Thang:

-BOMBS (1 group of 2 and 1 group of 3. The group of 3 modified as represented below in parenthesis)

-One partner runs while the other one (or two) do the noted exercise:

B: 50 (75) Burpees

O: 100 (150) Overhead Claps while in airchair

M: 150 (225) Merkins

B: 200 (300) Big Boy Sit Ups

S: 250 (375) Squats

-About halfway through the BOMB we discovered that there was a freshly mowed patch on the other side of the field where we could have been doing the exercises. Oh well.

-AMRAP Merkins (Plank while your partner does as many as he can do. Switch then move on to next type)




-Carolina Dry Dock


COT and BOM (YHC):

-Requested prayer for the wedding we were attending that day as well as the continued church meeting we were having that night.

-Malfunction Junction led a closing prayer.



-FNG got the nickname Alice because he was one of 12 kids. Alice was the maid on the Brady Bunch;)

-YHC got his first Merlot spill from FNG Alice. I think it was my proudest F3 moment thus far.

-JuCo made it through his second workout, with much mumbling throughout. Hopefully, he and Alice will join our brothers of F3 Sandhills when they return home.

-I took inspiration for this workout from an email that F3 Jacksonville sent out that referenced Ecclesiastes 4:12: “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” To me this represents the meat of what F3 stands for. It gives men a chance to have other men to lock shields with when the Sifter comes. Interestingly enough this verse was also referenced in the wedding we attended Saturday. I am thankful for God constantly reminding us of our need of not only each other, but HIM as well.

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  1. Interestingly enough this verse was also referenced in the wedding we attended Saturday.

    Very cool. It’s a sign!

    Kudos for creating a ‘beta’ AO rather than skip posting. STRONG!!

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