Rocky kicked our Butkis

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  • When: 06/30/15
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Hollywood*, Jumanji, Big Bird, Farah and Farah, Feud, Drone, OTC



  • LBAC Forward x25 IC
  • LBAC Backwards x25 IC
  • Moroccan night club x50 IC
  • Goofballs x25 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x25 IC


Mosey to the sidewalk

Indian Run lunge w/Jameis Winstons (crabwalk) to the front

Triple Check Man A(Chair) Man B(Elbow plank) Man C(Sprint to far field and back)flapjack



Mosey to parking lot

Rocky Balboas (toe tap the curbx25) flapjack

Wheel of Merkins x15 incline/decline/left arm down/right arm x15 (Balboas in between)


Mosey to field

  • Happy Jacks 5SSH then 2 jump squats x5reps
  • Flutter kicks x20
  • Box Cutter(on your 6, hello dolly to vertical, close legs, back down, return to dolly x15


The Lucky Horseshoe:

  • Lap 1
  • MercansX20
  • Lap 2
  • MercansX20,  SquatsX20
  • Lap 3
  • MercansX20, SquatsX20, Crab CakesX20
  • Lap 4
  • MercansX20,  SquatsX20,Crab Cakes X20, WW1 SitupsX20

Had to cut it short due to time.



Pray for BigBirds friend (Husband of the woman missing)

Naked Man Moleskin

75 degrees 95% Humidity

*Rocky Themed work out was made complete w/ Hollywood sporting the Apollo Creed trunks.

TClaps for Farah and Farah putting in extra pull ups and shaming us into as well.


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