Fun and Games!

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  • When: 07/04/2015
  • QIC: Big Bird
  • The PAX: Hollywood, Bull, Farah and Farah, Eileen, Drone, Jumanji, Lifo, Feud, OTC, Zimmerman, Heisenberg, Toxic, Barker (FNG), Big Brid

14 PAX posted for a day of fun and games with YHC at the Q. I figured since it was a holiday we should enjoy some soccer, relay races, and football with an F3 twist of course!


Conditions: 70’s, humid



SSH x 20 IC

FAC x 20 IC

BAC x 20 IC

MNC x 20 IC

LBC’s x 25 IC

Merkins x 10 IC


The Thang:


Crab vs. Bear Soccer

We played 20 minutes of soccer. We switched roles every goal and switched out goalies (planked in front of the goal) also every goal. We played to 10-minute halves and had to salute a train (10 burpees) at halftime. Heisenberg and Drone proved themselves Crab vs. Bear soccer champions, leading their respected teams with skill. Unfortunately YHC’s team lost after the opposing team rallied a 7-4 win at the end.


Catch Me if You Can

Split up into teams of 3, partner A picks up partner B and runs away. Partner C does selected exercise and sprints to catch his other partners. Repeato until all 3 partners have done all 3 exercises.



20 Merkins

20 Squats

20 Big Boy Sit-ups


Dealer’s Choice Football

One PAX throws the football and chooses the exercise to do to reach the football and the exercise to do when we get to the football. First person to complete the exercise gets to throw the football and pick the next exercises. I do not remember all of the exercises that were done but I do remember there were lunges and one arm push ups involved!



-YHC was glad to hear the mumble chatter of the PAX about the fun and difficulty of the WO.

-YHC also took the time to thank our veteran’s among us for continuing the fight for our freedom.

-1 FNG joined the fun (hopefully he doesn’t think all WO’s are this fun). James Booth became Barker because he appeared in a little game show called The Price is Right.

-YHC shared a July 4th related Benjamin Franklin quote as a small encouragement. When the Founding Fathers went to go sign the Declaration of Independence (effectively making the traitors to the most powerful Empire in the world at the time) Franklin is quoted as saying, “We must all hang together men, or we will assuredly hang separately.” YHC related this to our bond we have as brothers in F3. If we can hang together during the good times we will not be hung by life when the Sifter comes. We will have the encouragement of our F3 brothers to lock shields with and burn the gallows of the Sifter.

-Thunder claps go to Jumanji for working with his friend to get our logo made. Remember men to place your order for your gear!


Big Bird

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