Make it a Double! (aka the Buddy Beatdown)

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  • When: 7/16/15
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: LIFO, Big Bird, Feud, Eileen, Jumanji

Whether in a workout or in life, a true buddy will come alongside you when you’re struggling, push you to get better, and motivate you to endure and finish strong.  Since teamwork and the spirit of brotherhood are integral parts of the F3 ethos, YHC decided that a partner-heavy workout was just what the PAX needed this morning.  Prayers for an even number were answered as six of the usual Jabronis posted in the oppressive gloomidity.  So without further ado, the Buddy Beatdown:

Warmup/COP (all IC):

20 x Windmills

20 x Goofballs

20 x Daft Punk

20 x LBAC (forward + backward)

20 x Imperial Walkers

50 x Flutter Kicks

50 x Mountain Climbers

30 x Scissor Kick lunges

The Thang:

From this point forward, every exercise except Railroad Tracks was performed in pairs.

25 x Booyah Merkins

30 x Squerkins (then flapjack and repeato)

Railroad Tracks around field perimeter, low plank first half, high plank second half; the Pax must have been doing deep meditative planks judging by the crickets.

20 x Captain Crunch (aka Get Ups) – P1 on his 6, P2 holds P1’s ankles; P1 performs crunch and drives up to standing position

3 x Man Chairs (Back to Back People’s Chair); 60-60-30 sec.

30 x Leg Raise Throwdowns

Wheelbarrow race across field, flapjack, race back

Fireman carry race across field, flapjack, race back

Naked Moleskin:

Smaller crew today, we missed some of the regulars and newer Pax – OTC (get well soon!), Heisenberg, Hollywood, Rev (have fun camping), Barker – where you at?  You gonna make us come to your houses and drag you out of your fartsacks?

The partner Get Ups were a new addition and definitely more challenging than YHC anticipated, but in a good way.  So much more fun planned, so little time…

Continue praying for Barker and his wife as they approach their due date and for healing for their baby; prayers for the youth at Feud’s church as they spend a week serving in St. Augustine.

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