Feeling Lucky?

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  • When: 07/21/15
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: LIFO, FarahandFarah, The Rev, Hollywood, OTC, Big Bird, Seat Down, Drone, Jumanji, Heisenberg

The Thang


  • LBAC Forward x25 IC
  • LBAC Backwards x25 IC
  • Morning Wood x10 OYO
  • Moroccan night club x19 IC
  • Goofballs x25 IC
  • Don Quixote (windmills) x25 IC


Mosey to the sidewalk

Indian Run lunge wJameis Winstons (crabwalk) to the front

Side lunges for right and left on the final turn.


Mosey to field

Groiners x 20 OYO

Flutter kicks x20

Box Cutter x15


The Lucky Horseshoe:

  • Lap 1: MercansX20
  • Lap 2: MercansX20,  SquatsX20
  • Lap 3: MercansX20, SquatsX20, Crab CakesX20
  • Lap 4: MercansX20,  SquatsX20,Crab Cakes X20, WW1 SitupsX20
  • Lap 5: MercansX20,  SquatsX20, Crab CakesX20, WW1 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 6: SquatsX20, Crab CAkesX20, WW1 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 7: Crab CakesX20, WW1 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 8: WW1 SitupsX20, LungesX20
  • Lap 9: LungesX20
  • Lap 10


Tunnel of Love plank and crawl unders


BOM: Continued prayers for Barker and Feud as injuries have them sidelined.

Extra credit* The Rev and FarahandFarah did some overtime work and finished what they didn’t get done during regulation time on the Lucky Horseshoe.


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