A Foggy Soggy Beatdown

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  • When: 07/25/15
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Tugboat, Piano Man, Gamer, Nike, Wolfpack, Mr. Fix It, LIFO, Jumanji, Bull, Parker (FNG), FarahandFarah (respect), Toxic (respect), Barker, Hollywood, Pusher, Thriller, Sleeper, OTC, BigBird

19 PAX showed up in the extra gloomy gloom for a soggy beatdown with YHC. Hopefully they’ll forgive me after this one.


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • LBC’s x 30 IC
  • Forward Arm Circles x 15 IC
  • Backward Arm Circles x 15 IC

The Thang

  • Indian Run around the path at the park with a backwards run instead of a forwards run. Dodging the puddles from the frequent rain we have had made this very interesting.
  • Indian Lunge Crab Walk (Indian Run where you lunge instead of run and crab walk to the front of the group) until everyone had crab walked 2x. About halfway through the first way through the line YHC realized that we were heading toward a huge 3 inch deep puddle in the middle of the park. Tried to make the PAX dodge it but they made the executive decision that we were going to lunge and crab straight through it. I can happily say that I have heard no reports of ringworm yet.
  • BOMB w/ Bricks: like a normal BOMB except the partner that was doing the exercises did them with a brick in each hand. YHC underestimated how tough this would be. Plenty of groans and mumble chatter during this one. Shoutout to OTC and Jumanji who made up a 3 man group with YHC. Because of my foggy minded math we did more reps than we should have! #GetBetter


  • Continued prayers for Barker and his wife and Drone and his wife as they prepared to welcome their children into the world.
  • Prayers for Feud in his recovery from his injury.
  • Prayers for local child Lonzie Barton who has been missing for about 3 days now.

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