Feel the rhythm!

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  • When: 07/25/15
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Bing, Big Bird, OTC, Drone, Rev, FarahandFarah, Barker, Feud, LIFO, Hollywood, Jumanji

Jax has no hills and it almost never snows (except for the great dusting of 1983), but we wanted to get a little Cool Runnings action anyway.  YHC and Big Bird have been pondering this idea for a while after we saw it on a BB from our brother Cooter in Tallahassee.  And the JAX PAX can’t let the panhandlers get ahead.  Maybe someday we can have a FL bobsled olympics CSAUP? 11 PAX posted for a little shakeup of the normal routine.

BOM and prayer to start

The Thang

Feel the Rhythm

Indian run around track, when the sprinting man reaches the front we halt and he calls a dealer’s choice; x10 for all exercises.  YHC can’t remember all called but diamond merkins, burpees, Heismans (new from Barker), monkey humpers, lunges, box cutters, and some other things.  Complete when the line has cycled through.

Feel the Rhyme

Mirror drill: PAX facing Q in a line and mirror Qs movements with a grassdrill on ‘Hit.’  DB drill from YHC old HS football days- chopping feet, hip twist, shuffle slide, backpedal, sprint forward, and YHC threw in some merkins or something along the way.

Tunnel of Love

Split PAX into two groups

Get on Up (group 1)

Suicides (all running)

  • Suicide set 1: x10 diamond merkins at the starting line each time; Prisoner squats until all PAX done
  • Suicide set 2: jump lunges (scissors) x10 (total) at the starting line each time; Plank until all PAX done
  • Suicide set 3: burpees x10 at the starting line each time; LBCs (Little Baby Crunches) until all PAX done

It’s Bobsled Time (group 2)

JAX bobsled team (YHC’s car)

  • 1 man steers in neutral (not pushing), 2 man bobsled team pushes it around the course (cones)
  • Man from exercise group steers, driver moves to push position 1 (driver’s side), push position 1 moves to 2, push position 2 goes to exercises
  •  PAX not bobsledding: 20 monkey humpers, 20 incline merkin on curb, 20 Rocky Balboa (each leg) (Repeato until it’s your turn to bobsled)
  •  Continue until all PAX have pushed two laps.

Groups switch stations


100 pull-ups as a group; those not doing pull-ups doing prisoner squats and V-ups

BOM/COT- prayers for Big Bird’s girlfriend as she finishes school, the two men that Rev is ministering, Bing’s M’s job search, Hollywood’s big movie pitch, and FarahandFarah’s 2.0 big move to the NYC

Naked Man Moleskin-

  • YHC felt that the JAX PAX has fallen into a predictable routine of starting with COPs that involve far too many arm circles, so we jumped into the modified Indian Run to shake it up.
  • Sadly YHC’s vehicle is a Honda Fit, both unmanly and unworthy of being the JAX bobsled- someone with a truck volunteer next time
  • All regulars at the weekday are stepping up to Q and the wait list for a Q spot is growing, so sign-up now.
  • The weekday PAX is getting strong: OTC is a Marine Corp pull-up monster; FarahandFarah and Rev give inspiration to the younger men with their beastitude in their RESPECT years, Drone requested to take the restricter plate from YHC for Thur (it’s about time), Feud is back from the ankle injury and toughing it out like a champ, LIFO keeps moving up in the pack and is a quiet force, Hollywood’s constant pushing himself (and grunting) further inspires the PAX, BB keeps adding to his pull-up count, and the ‘new’ guys Barker and Bing are getting into the swing
  • Those unaccounted for, and unexcused, in the weekday gloom: Cousin Eddy, Band Camp, Seat Down
  • Come out on Thur to support Feud’s VQ

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