Parade of Pain Part 2

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  • When: 8/01/2015
  • QIC: OTC
  • The PAX: Band Camp, ILean, Drone, Hollywood, Big Bird, Tatanka, Feud, Farah & Farah, LiFo, Barker, Bull, Toxic

Always come prepared and keep your parade of least favorites in your POV at all times. Recognizing a void on the Q signup, OTC became thrilled that he may not have to wait until the 11th to bring the punishment. After a nice cozy night in the fartsack, he got his wish and brought the Parade of Pain Part 2. Since movies lately just seem to rinse and repeat, why not do the same with our fitness regime. However, just like movie sequels need more explosions or more action, this parade consisted of more pain and more least favorites. So with that said here is the Parade of Pain Part 2.

The Thang:
BOM- Counted off to decide 2 squads
COP- If the warmup gets you, you need weekday workouts
x15 SSH IC
x15 FAC IC
x15 BAC IC
x15 Overhead Clap
x15 Raise the Roof

Divide and Conquer:
1st Squad:
x20 yard lunge; sprint back; yes sprint no mosey allowed
x20 squats
x20 meter bear crawl; sprint back
x20 1 legged burpees; 10 each leg

2nd Squad:
x20 Air squared w/ overhead clap IC
x20 Imperial Walkers
Jack Webb merkin ladder up to 8; then back down till 1st squad completes field excercise

Rinse and repeat changing squads
The Johnny Cash
x5 flutter kick
x5 hello dolly
x5 leg lift

Then hold till mumble chatter filled the air
Superman/Aquaman intervals of torture
BTW if legs, feet, or hands touched penalty was x20 monkey humpers for any of the above core excercises

A modified Guantanamo like workout:
From COP 1 PAX chooses an excercise that all others do while they walk, crawl, fall, or sprint around the COP
We had the pleasure of 13 different excercises ranging from merkins to happy jacks to 1 legged burpees
Some of the PAX were kind and sprinted and some were awesome and crawled around the circle.

x50 Burpees
x100 Air Chair w/ overhead claps
x150 merkins
x200 Big boy situps
x250 Squats

We also at some points had the pleasure of honoring our trains x2 w/ 1 legged burpees x10 at each instance

OTC again preached about men becoming leaders and Qing a workout. Emphasis being on not only the impact this has amongst our group but other facets of their life as well. If you can suck wind Qing and leading us through the gloom then there is nothing you cant do during your day at all.

And Remember;

“If you don’t like it then you frickin Q. If you did like it then get me back.”

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