Ready for the Big Game

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  • When: 08/04/15
  • QIC: FarahandFarah
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Eileen, Drone, Hollywood, Big Bird, Feud, LIFO, Rev, OTC, Purifier

11 PAX showed up in the gloom in our continued damp conditions.  ‘Coach’ wanted to get the PAX ready for the big games coming up.  Since coach couldn’t make it to practice, FarahandFarah took responsibility for getting the team ready.

A new tradition was born as Jumanji’s restrictor plate is now passed around to a new PAX for every workout.  Hence forth it will be called “the Vest of the Tribute.” Drone pulled on the Vest of the Tribute today, allowing him to beat the rest of the PAX by only a small margin.  LIFO has already asked for the honor Thur and Big Bird for Sat.


  • 1 lap around the field since all the PAX didn’t have shirts tucked in and coach demands that players come to practice with shirt tucked in
  • 18 SSH
  • 18 Don Quixote(windmills)
  • 18 Imperial Walkers
  • 18 monkey humper

The Thang:

The Tony Dorsett (QIC in vintage Daunte Culpepper jersey) –

Stayed in COP.  First ‘running back’ carries football zig-zagging among the PAX while they alternate between –

  • merkins,
  • leg lifts,
  • flutter kicks.

Continue until all PAX have carried the ball twice.  Coach hates turnovers, and PAX had to do 7 burpees when the ball hit the ground.

Mosey to basketball court, stopping at playground to do pull-ups to failure.

The John Havlicek (QIC in Lebron James jersey) –

PAX lineup at baseline for modified layup drill.  Players alternate dribbling and shooting layup at each end while the PAX alternates between –

  • Russian twist,
  • Smurf jacks,
  • Box cutters,
  • Diamond merkins.

Coach hates turnovers and missed layups.  For every missed layup, the PAX had to do 3 burpees before we could continue.  Unfortunately, too many missed layups/burpees to count.

Repeated the drill from half court.  Removed the burpee penalty for the missed layup and each player just shot until they made it while the rest of the PAX exercised.

Mosey back to field, stopping at playground to do pull-ups to failure.

The Lou Brock (QIC in baseball jersey and hat) –

Coach wanted us to work on our baserunning.  There were two sets of cones 90 ft apart.  PAX lined up at one and took a short lead.  If QIC yelled ‘back’, dove back to ‘base’ and did 10 merkins.  If QIC yelled ‘go’, sprint to ‘second’ and somersault when reaching ‘second’.  After 2 reps running, did 2 reps bear crawl and 2 reps crab walk to second (w/ somersault).  At least 8 sets of 10 merkins.  Big props to Hollywood for gutting it out despite plantar fasciitis.

Finish at picnic tables with 20 dips / incline merkins with props to homeless man who did the merkins.


  • continued prayers for Barker and his wife and Drone as they prepare to welcome their children into the world.
  • Praise for good medical report for Eileen’s 2.0 finger and FarahandFarah’s 2.0 move to NYC.
  • Prayer for healing for Hollywood’s injury.

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