The Stein Strikes Back

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  • When: 08/11/2016
  • QIC: OTC
  • The PAX: Farah & Farah, Purifier, Big Bird, Feud, Jumanji, Lifo

It is a dark time for the Jacksonville. Although San Marco has been dominated, #fartsacks continue to drive the JaxPax to stay within their far away homes consistently across the city. Evading the dreaded Imperial potato chip diet, a group of #getbetter fighters led by OTC has established a new secret base on the not well hidden and very well lit garage of Stein. The evil Lord Laziness, obsessed with making men weak has dispatched thousands of temptations into the far reaches of our lives….

This has led to the defense of our spirits. To pride with new Mudgear shirts on our backs. To the sweat that stains the paths that lead to and fro the base of pain. We pay homage to Lt. Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005 by honoring a modified workout that carries his name. His sacrifice allows us to join in our freedom to assemble. Our freedom to do what we do day to day. His view was that there are “bullies in the world and people who’re oppressed in the world.” With that said, today was designed to cause pain as a reminder that we are not individually as great a unit as a whole.

Heres the Thang:
BOM- Count off to ensure accountability
As I said, a modified Murph;
1 Mile Run
-OTC carried 40lbs. Vietnam era Alice pack w/ shovelflag
-Jumanji wore body armor; at least 20 lbs but prob more as it became saturated with weakness leaving his body

The Stein Parking Garage;
Sprint up EVERY step 5 flights to top
x25 Merkins
x25 Squats

Safely Down
x10 Burpees
x10 Air Chair with overhead clap

Bunny Hop up EVERY step
x25 Merkins
x25 Squats

Safely Down
x10 Burpees
x10 Air Chair with overhead clap

FYI- Did you forget the ruck?
1 JaxPax bear crawled 40lbs. ruck up the 5 flights to the top then;
x25 Merkins
x25 Squats
The above was rinse and repeat while Pax traded the suck ruck each time
5 Pax had the joy of bear crawling gear up and down the Stein.
Jumanji was the Tribute and had the pleasure of wearing the body armor the entire time during every repetition.

1 Mile Run back with OTC carrying the ruck
Jumanji still paying Tribute which by this point prob weighed 40 lbs.
And all other Pax ran back calling out the names of those that were UA this fine AM; You know who you are!!!

Mumblechatter ensued wishing more Pax showed so we could have done more reps and more had the opportunity to utilize the pack. Maybe that was just OTC and his wishful thinking. Maybe the Pack will have to used in conjunction with a Saturday adventure to ensure all have a taste. That, however, will be left up to the Q.

– Keep in your thoughts and prayers Barker and his family and bring them peace and comfort
-Drone and his family; Baby??? You would’ve loved today brotha!!!
-Bring Big Bird peace and help him to manage his time effectively to avoid unneeded stress and anxiety

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