A Lesson in Improv

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  • When: 08/13/15
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Bull, OTC, Jolly Roger, Heisenberg, Feud, LIFO, BigBird

In honor of our Thursday workout’s now officially being known as BOHICA (Bend Over Here it Comes Again) YHC decided to scrap his original workout plan and take the PAX back to The Stein for another parking garage beat down.

Started with a BOM prayer asking for protection for the PAX, peace for Barker, and help for Drone.

The Thang

1 mile run to The Stein. Jolly Roger loved this idea seeing as he had just ran like 2.5 miles from his hotel to get to the AO. (It was about 3/4 of the way there that YHC had realized I had realized I had forgotten my keys. YHC’s car was waiting at The Stein for a bobsled workout pushing it to the top of the garage. Oh well time to think on my feet.)

Some quick thinking and help from OTC led to this:

Sprint to the second level of the garage. Diamond merkins x 25 when you get there. Wall sits until all PAX done.

Bear Crawl to the third level of the garage. Monkey humpers x 25 when you get there. Wall sits until all done.

Jameis Winston to the fourth level of the garage (this is where the mumble chatter really started!). Burpees x 10 when you get there. Wall sits until all done.

Backwards run to the fifth level of the garage. LBC’s x 30 when you get there. Wall sits until all done.

Karaoke to the roof of the garage. Partner get ups x 10 when you get there. Wall sit until all done.

Johnny Cash: Flutter kicks x 5, Freddy Mercury x 15, Leg Lifts x 5. It was during this that we noticed the meteor shower that was going on. God’s creation is always an amazing sight.

1 mile run back to Southside Park.

Naked Mole Skin

Today was an interesting workout for YHC. I could kill an improvised drum solo in high school jazz band, but improvising a workout was a whole different story. I almost freaked out a little when I realized that I had left the keys to my car in Jumanji’s van at the AO. No bobsled this morning! Thanks to OTC for keeping me calm and helping me figure out a plan. By the level of mumble chatter this morning I think it was at least a decent workout! Also found out that The Stein is a private garage and you either have to get a token from the front desk of the Stein Mart building, or pay $10. Thanks to Jumanji, LIFO, and the nice security guard for getting me out of that one! I am so happy to be surrounded by so many amazing men (who I gladly now consider my friends no scratch that my family!). #F3Matters

Also thanks to Jolly Roger for joining us this morning! Hope you got enough running!


  • August 22nd is going to be our first F3 Dad’s day. Bring your kids, nieces and nephews, grandkids, or even some kids you pick up on the side of the road. Looking for volunteers to take part of the Q for that workout.
  • A few of us will be running the Jacksonville Beach Run on the 22nd as well! Come out and join us for something CSAUP! We will be repping our new F3 Jax shirts and hopefully EH some new SadClowns into joining us.
  • August 31st will be our first Monday workout at our new AO 9A/Baymeadows Regional Park. Heisenberg will be the plant Q. Come join our Jax Expansion.
  • Please hold up Barker and his M. Their son Ezekiel Promise Boothe was born Monday August 10th. He fought for about 10 minutes then went to be with the Lord. God has a plan in this and my hope is that we can band together as brothers and be the support that Barker needs when he needs us. Thunder Claps to Eileen for sending flowers to the family from all of us.
  • In more baby news congratulations to Drone and his M on the birth of their first child, Finley Kate Slingo (otherwise known as Droneadette). She was born Tuesday August 11th. We are all highly anticipating Drone’s pregnancy themed workout.


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