#BOHICA has curb appeal

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  • When: 08/20/15
  • The PAX: Jumanji, OTC, Feud, Straight Outta Compton, Heisenberg, Big Bird, Purifier, Rev

Great Jacksonville weather for 5:30 am.  75 degrees, 1200% humidity.

QIC decided that there didn’t need to be too much running today.

Hair band mile around the library.


  • LBAC fwd 25 IC
  • LBAC bck 25 IC
  • Hillbillies 20 IC
  • Monkey Humpers 15 IC  – at this point Purifier showed up. 10 Merkins for the PAX.

The Thang: Everybody grabbed a little slice of curb.

The following were all done for a designated time – 45 seconds to 1 minute

  • Rocky Balboas
  • ButKis
  • Calf Raises
  • Curb jump ups
  • Ski jumps over a nearby parking block.

Ascending Bear Crawls across parking lot back and forth, finishing with 10 derkins.

Moseyed to QIC vehicle…#mumblechatter was another Jamaican Bobsled, QIC surprised them with driverway pavers.

PAX in circle.

Say Anything – held paver overhead, each PAX did 10 count one at a time.

Hair band mile around library Say Anything style.

The following done with pavers in hand.

  • Rocky Balboas
  • ButKis
  • Calf Raises.


  • LBC 25 IC
  • Ring of Fire Flutter Kicks 5 per PAX 2x
  • Russian Twists with paver 10 IC

Naked Moleskin:

Rev lead us in a great prayer. Prayers to Barker and family during difficult times. Drone and family for newborn, Big Bird for enormous work load, and Rev for guidance and direction


  • #ANCHOR 2.0 day Saturday, 8/22.
  • New AO  – Baymeadows/9A park, Monday’s starting on 8/31 at 5:30am.  Initial plant Q – Heisenburg

Overheard today:

  • “I will never look at a curb the same way again”
  • “it’s raining, no that’s just sweat”

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