“Best One Yet”

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  • When: 08/22/15
  • QIC: Jumanji, Heisenberg, OTC, Feud, LIFO
  • The PAX: Hops, Arc, Drumline, Heisenberg, SOC, Jumanji, Pusher, FarahandFarah, Nike, Thriller, Gamer, Sleeper, Mr. Fix It, LIFO, Eileen, Rev, Toxic, Bull, Bob the Builder, Feud, Piano Man, Hollywood, OTC, Big Bird 2.0s- Ellie (Bell Bell), Bryden (Fisher), Bennett (Burpee Machine), Cameron (Spear Fisher), Natalie (Ivory), Jack (Tawho), Deavian (Spider), Melanie (Jimbo), Gunner (Super Hero), Sarah (Mocking Jay), Hope (Gbaja-Biamila), Grace (Music Ninja), Trey (Dr. Trey), Ryan (Raptor)

A new JAX record of 40 PAX and 2.0s gathered in the gloom at ANCHOR for the first ever 2.0 day.  For several of the 2.0s the excitement had been building for 2 months and came close to matching that of a Christmas morning.  The PAX created a rotating Q to give the regulars a chance to lead with their 2.0s.

Sunrise: picturesque, Temp: Florida, Humidity: normally gaseous air has changed to a liquid state

Jumanji and Heisenberg 0700-0715
BOM- Welcome and disclaimer; Heisenberg short prayer

COF (Circle of Fun)


  • How to count practice
  • Side straddle hop x 10 IC
  • Burpees OYO 5
  • Little Baby Arm circles forward x 10 IC
  • Big Arm circles forward x 10 IC
  • Squats w 2.0 on back x 10 IC
  • Merkins w 2.0 on back x 10 IC


  • Goofballs to time
  • Super man and Aquaman with 2.0 on back to time x2 sets each
  • Some other things I don’t remember

OTC 0715-0730

  • Merkin tunnel where dad planks, 2.0 jumps over dad’s back, then crawls under dad, dad does 1 merkin with 2.0 x 10
  • Fireman’s carry or piggyback 2.0 across field X5 burpees
  • Fireman’s carry 2.0 back X5 burpees
  • Ring of fire, while 2.0s attack the pax

Feud 0730-0745

  • Good morning Abby x10 IC
  • Smurf Jacks x 10 IC
  • Star Jacks x 10 IC

Face the flag:

  • 1st cone : “Booyah!” Merkin
  • 2nd cone: biceps curls with 2.0 (cross body)
  • 3rd cone: patty-cake (or fist bump) Merkins
  • 4th cone: biceps curls with 2.0

Then Russian twists with ball (back to back with 2.0, and pass ball to each other for time

Hot potato x10-15 (lock ankles with your 2.0 on your six, pass ball as you do full sit up)

LIFO 0745-0800

Fun with Animals (to cones and back)

  • Bear crawls
  • Crab walks
  • Crunchy frogs
  • Duck walks

COT/BOM: The Rev lead the Pax out in prayer after Name-O-Rama

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Mumblechatter heard during the first 2.0 day- “Best day yet” “First 2.0 day was an outstanding success” “When can I come again?” “Dad, I know why you stink now” “Dad you stink” “F3 is really fun” “It’s my seatbelt- the seatbelt absorbs the sweat and that’s what stinks”
  • Observation: 2.0s are much better at animal movements than adults
  • Great morning to show the 2.0s what F3 is all about and teach them a little about all 3 Fs
  • Thanks to @MapleStreetBisc for reserving us a back room for Coffeeteria
  • Several PAX are running the Jax Beach 5 mile tonight at 6:00- meet at 5:30 at the ShovelFlag in front of SeaWalk Pavilion to run with the PAX. You can register at the race.
  • First Monday workout at new AO 9A/Baymeadows Park is Aug 31 at 0530.

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