Brickwork on Labor Day

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  • When: 09/05/15
  • The PAX: Corleone, Capone (Respect), Bull, Jumamji, Big Bird, Farah and Farah (Respect), Toxic (Respect), Pusher, Bandcamp,Feud.

Eleven JAXPAX showed up this muggy Labor Day weekend.  Humidity was slightly lower to 98%.

QIC talked that is this was Labor day weekend. Even though most are off from our jobs. We are still working, to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, co-workers.  Some jobs seem to big..and if you break them up into smaller increments, it doesn’t seem as big anymore. Whether its something at home, or at work.


  • Don Quixote (windmills) 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 20 IC
  • Crunchy Frogs 20 IC
  • LBAC fwd 20 IC
  • LBAC bck 20 IC


The Thang:

Partner up – partner wheelbarrow to 4th tree, 20 squerkins.  Flip flp on the return.

PAX moseyed to QIC truck, and on the way, chatter about Jamaican Bobsled. Not today.  Each PAX picked up 2 pavers. Then moseyed back to field.

  • Say Anything – keeping paver held overhead, each PAX counts to 10 one at time.
  • Pencil squats – 20 IC (on down squat, touch paver to ground, on way up, hold paver overhead)
  • Diamond Merkins on paver – 20 OYO
  • Diamond David Lee Roth burpees with paver – 10 OYO
  • Tricep Press with paver – 20 IC
  • Raise the roof with paver – 20 IC
  • Big boy situps with paver on chest – 20 OYO
  • Run across field with paver in hand like football – return
  • Russian Twist with paver – 20 OYO

Set 1 paver about 20 yards away

  • Bear crawl there, crawl bear back
  • Inchworm there, fiddler crab back.
  • Lunge walk there, lunge walk back

Makhtar N’Diayes – 15 IC

JLo – 20 OYO (start in plank position, sway form side to side trying to touch your 6 to the ground)

Ring of Fire – flutter kicks to 5

Ring of Fire – Merkins to 5

PAX moseyed back to QIC truck and returned pavers, moseyed back to field.

Circled up:

  • LBC – 25 IC
  • Pencil squats 20 IC
  • Lindsay Lohan

Naked Moleskin:

Prayer Request to: Barker, LIFO, Big bird. Big bird lead us in prayer.

Announcements: F3 Mud run coming up, sign up.




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