Holiday Merkins

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  • When: 09/07/15
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Big Bird, LIFO, FarahandFarah, Bull, Jumanji, Corleone, FNG Stan King (Snuffy) FNG Mason Navidi (WrongWay)

8 PAX including 2 FNGs posted to the new AO for some Labor Day labor.  Since YHC’s personal mission is to prevent soccer arms we focused on the upper body a bit.  Awesome to see Big Bird’s dad and LIFO’s son out for the first time.  Making #GetBetter a family affair.

The Thang

Grab your bricks for COP-

  • SSH IC x20
  • Don Quixote IC x20
  • Forward arm circles IC x15
  • Backward arm circles IC x15
  • Monkey Humpers IC x20 no bricks
  • Moroccan Nightclub IC x20
  • Overhead Claps IC x 20
  • Overhead Squats IC x15
  • Merkin rows 10 each arm OYO
  • Russian twist 10 each side OYO

Indian run around the football field with bricks (Hallelujahs, karoake, high knees, etc.)

Suicides with bricks-

  • Frankensteins- 10 diamond merkins on return to baseline, 10 merkins on return to baseline, 10 Carolina Dry Dock on return to baseline
  • Power skips- 10 overhead squat, 10 monkey humpers, 10 jump lunges
  • Backward run to line, plant and sprint back- 10 V-ups, 15 LBCs, and 15 Russian Twists


  • Jack Webbs to 10 with bricks (merkins and shoulder press)

Drop bricks and mosey to playground

  • Count downs from 8 with a partner: 8 pull-ups, run around the playground, 8 burpees; 7 pull-ups, run around the playground, 7 burpees, etc.

Picnic table work-

  • 20 step-ups (Heisenberg style)
  • 10 Hail Marys
  • 10 Incline Merkins
  • 10 Decline Merkins

COT/BOM- Name-O-Rama to dub the two FNGs- welcome Snuffy and WrongWay.  Prayers for our man Barker and the service Tues

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