Return of the Coach

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  • When: 09/08/15
  • QIC: FarahandFarah
  • The PAX: Feud, Rev, Heisenberg, Seat Down, Snuffy, Sticky Rice, Purifier, Eileen, LIFO, Big Bird

11 PAX (who weren’t Buckeye fans) showed up in the gloom in extremely damp (some might say squishy) conditions.  Rumor has it that cuts might be coming up, so ‘Coach’ was there to get the PAX ready.


  • 1 lap around the field since all the PAX didn’t have shirts tucked in and coach demands that players come to practice with shirt tucked in.
  • 20 Side straddle hops
  • 20 Don Quixote
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 monkey humper

The Thang:

The Fred Taylor (QIC in football jersey) –

Have a center, qb and running back.  Center snap to qb, hand to running back.  The PAX in a line on their 6 w/ legs in the air.  Running back stiff arms legs down.  Sort of a Guantanamo with a football feel.  QB and center do squats during the run.  After running back scores his TD, pax do 7 pushups and next man takes ball to line of scrimmage.

Continue until all PAX have carried the ball twice – sweeping right and sweeping left.  Coach hates turnovers, and PAX had to do 7 burpees when a snap was fumbled and 10 more burpees to honor a train.  The PAX did approximate total of 100 merkins.

Also, took a quick break when Snuffy’s ring fell off in the grass.  After a fairly quick search (probably seemed lot longer to Snuffy), the ring was found.

Mosey to tennis court, stopping at playground to do pull-ups to failure.

The LAX (QIC in lacrosse jersey) –

PAX lineup by wall for modified lacrosse drill.  Players alternate cradling and shooting lacrosse ball while PAX cycles between –

  • Peoples chair w/ overhead claps,
  • Box cutters,
  • Balls to the wall,
  • Russian twist.

Mosey back to field, stopping at playground to do pull-ups to failure.

The Pele (QIC in soccer jersey) –

Coach wanted the guys to scrimmage so we divided into two teams.  Started in crab walk position for soccer.  After YHC scored first goal, all did 10 merkins.  Switched to bear crawl.  Eileen scored again for Team 2 and chose 10 flutter kicks for the PAX.  Game ended soon thereafter with Team 2 winning in a 2-0 shutout. Coach was happy with the effort today and said everyone made the team.


  • Continued prayers for Barker and his wife.
  • Prayer for the McClelland family as they deal with a family member in last stages of cancer
  • Prayer for LIFO’s family as they fly to Minnesota this week to care for mother-in-law recently diagnosed with cancer
  • Prayer for Purifier as he’s searching for God’s plan
  • Prayer for Sticky Rice as he will be preaching at a new location this Sunday


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