Good for Army, Good For Me

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  • When: 09/10/2015
  • QIC: OTC
  • The PAX: Farah&Farah, BigBird, Feud, Jumanji, Manguy, Drone, Toxic, Lifo, Heisenburg, Purifier, StickyRice, Snuffy

Good little simple means of PTing when one is solo or on vacation and it happens to be in a place without an established AO. If it is good enough for the Army to measure physical fitness and fortitude then why not use it as a measure of Pax gains and progress. Only regret was not having done this from the beginning of Jacksonville and instead waiting until we are all super #gohards that can hang with the best of em. An Army PFT consists of pushups x 2 minutes, situps x 2 minutes, and a timed 2 mile run. Included near conclusion of this post is a link to a calculator in which each Pax can enter their data and see their results or score. Scores are fluid based on age and how many reps you did and/or your run time. Below each Pax times/reps will be listed but I leave it up to you to get your score because as Manguy stated, F3 is not about ego’s or being a meathead but continuing to learn and grow as a leader and assisting those around you in getting better. Overwhelmingly, I observed an amazing job by an amazing group of men that killed it. If some would have been told that they would do 50-80 pushups within 2 minutes months ago many would have laughed it off and allowed their #sadclown syndrome to continue to take hold. 12 Pax joined OTC in the gloom for a little PT, good for you, good for me.

As always and despite best intentions we must adapt to the fluidity of of daily lives and that was proven by having to modify and adapt our thang this fine humid AM and so here is the Thang.

Place: BOHICA(Bend Over Here it Comes Again); Southside Park

Time: 0530

Weather: No O2 in the Air but plenty of H2O streaming off our bodies

COP- Circle of Progress; not Circle of Pain this AM
Divide Pax into pairs; one doing the thang while the other is timing and counting reps then switch and repeat
x 2 minutes Pushups
Switch and repeat

x 2 minutes situps
Switch and repeat

Train rolled on by and so we paid our respects with
x5 Burpees and then;

2 Mile Run timed whole Pax

As I said, life is fluid and so we had to adapt as the train was blocking the entire route for the run.
So next to Jacksonvilles finest
we paid the train(that never seemed to end) too much repect through;
x15 flutter kicks IC
x10 Air Chair w/ OC IC
x5 Burpees OYO
x10 Ins and Outs IC
x10 Merkins IC
5-0 waved as the train finally passed
So back to the run which now had to be modified to a 1 mile run timed with Mosey back to AO without being able to have fun at the Stein Garage due to the train requiring respect. Btw, who the hell came up with that?

So as for run time just merely double your run time since we only ran 1 mile and scores are based on 2 mile measure.
ex. 6 min. 30 sec. equals 13 min. run time to input in calculator.


x80 merkin
x70 situp
6:50 run

x65 merkin
x70 situp
8:00 run

x83 merkin
x83 situp
5:27 run

x65 merkin
x69 situp
5:48 run

x28 merkin
x10 situp
13:00 run

Farah & Farah
x62 merkin
x61 situp
6:30 run

x65 merkin
x60 situp
7:00 run

x55 merkin
x59 situp
8:12 run

x72 merkin
x69 situp
6:38 run

65 merkin
x60 situp
6:42 run

x82 merkin
x50 situp
8:20 run

x75 merkin
x60 situp
8:20 run

x65 merkin
x48 situp
5:58 run

Here is the link to plug in your data:


-Save x2 milk jugs to use as weights for upcoming workouts; fill with water; add bleach and duct tape lid to secure contents
-ManGuy quoted Teddy Roosevelt in speaking against ego and helping the man beside you get better and stated that egos cause fear
-Prayer requests for Purifier in Lord’s will being done and Big Bird in travelling to Brunswick
-Jumanji took his frickin PFT with weight suit on so he was literally sandbagging the whole time, no literally

Amazing job to everyone and all should be proud regardless of score. I would love to revisit this in a month or two and keep trying to #getbetter with you all. Aye!

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