Headbangerz Ball

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  • When: 09/15/2015
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Rev, OTC, Heisenberg, LIFO, Feud, Full Moon, Snuffy, Purifier, Drone, Eileen, FarahandFarah, BigBird

A lucky number of 13 PAX gathered in the surprisingly cool (for Florida) gloom for a workout that marched to the beat of its own drum. YHC decided to do things a little differently this workout and incorporate music into each exercise.


SSH x 20

The Thang

Stairway to Heaven: The PAX did AMRAP BOMBS for the full 7:58 duration of the song. Mumble chatter abounded as YHC’s bluetooth speaker was dead so we had to listen closely to the phone audio to hear when the song was over.

After Stairway the music was put on random. Do not remember the exact order the songs came in but here are the corresponding exercises.

Ring of Fire: Circle up and hold six inches. Do various ab exercises around the circle until the song is over. YHC had 3 different versions of the song, but luckily for the PAX we only came across two of them.

Happy: Every parents 2nd favorite movie theme second (2nd to Let it Go of course) is now burned into the PAX’s brain as a cardio workout them song. The PAX all grabbed a partner. During the verses of the song PAX did backwards lunges. When the chorus comes around, every time Pharell said happy resulted in a jump squat high five with your partner. In between the Happy’s during the chorus the PAX held a plank and high fived their partner to “clap along.”

Roxanne: Every time Sting sang Roxanne the PAX dropped and did a burpee. During the “downtime” of the song the PAX did SSH.

Foxy Lady: Every time Hendrix said Foxy the PAX did a jump up onto the picnic table bench. During the “downtime” the PAX ran in place.

Flower: Moby’s vocabulary was not very extensive for this particular song. PAX got in Monkey Humper position. Every time Moby sang “bring Sally down” The PAX went to the downward position of a Monkey Humper, and brought it back up when he sang “bring Sally up.” YHC vastly underestimated how many Monkey Humpers this would be so the PAX switched to squats about 3/4 of the way through the song.

Cups: To go for another movie song we let Miss Anna Kendricks serenade us with her version of the song Cups. For this one the PAX held a plank position. Every time the word “gone” was said the PAX did a Merkin. Everytime the word “miss” was said the PAX flipped over and did a Big Boy Sit Up.


Naked Moleskin

YHC learned a lot from this Q. First off if you are going to do a music based Q make sure your bluetooth speaker is charged so those in the senior citizen bracket (Heisenberg) can hear the music. Also that Sting says Roxanne WAY too many times in that song. Overall I hope this was a different and enjoyable, yet still challenging workout.


  • Mud Run sign up extended until October 3rd! Get with YHC if you have any questions concerning the event.
  • YHC will be Qing the second week of the F3 Savannah launch on 11/14. If you would like to jump in the clown car and come with me let me know. I need as many men as possible to come help me pass on the gift of F3 to a new group of people. Get with me and we will start working out plans.

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